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Business or B2B plan? Whether you are a business or a company providing services to your own clients, we have a Workbench plan for you.

Use our Organisation Index or host your own framework/index. We have the flexibility to suit your business needs.

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For organisations to surface critical insights into the performance of strategy, transformation and people & culture.

  • Workbench
  • Organisational Index
  • Labs support – priced separately
  • Support

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Volume pricing available
For Temporall Partners looking to host and manage their own frameworks on Workbench under B2B licensing and extend their service offerings.
  • Analogue to digital
  • Hosted on Workbench
  • Continuous monetisation
  • Generate new sales

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Multiple tiers available

Some of our capabilities include

Organisational Index

Measure across People, Leadership, Organisation & Technology


Capture quantitative, qualitative, search and sentiment data

ONA networks

Understand who your champions are across your company

Use a variety of dashboards to understand and explore insights
Use a variety of dashboards to understand and explore insights
Various integrations that allows Workbench to meet you where you work
Gather solicited and unsolicited free text feedback and measure your sentiment
Private and secure
GDPR and Cloud based with 2 Factor Authentication
Provide check-ins or use our app for continuous feedback
B2B plan includes
Use our own Index, add a single custom index or add your branded IP framework
Choose our top tier and have a Partner “powered by Temporall” branded platform
3 tiers
Choose from 3 tiers to match your business case

Simply manage or provision your own customers

Partner analytics
Understand your customer metrics
Monetise and revshare opportunities

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