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Our team has held executive positions at many of the world’s leading enterprise technology companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Box, and Adobe. Since 2017, we have grown our diverse team to include data and behavioural scientists, expert data analysts, technology advisors and creatives, all working to the same goal.

Our Executive Team

CEO & Founder
Thomas Davies
Thomas has held executive roles in enterprise technology companies throughout his 25 year career. He spent 10 years at Google, leading their Cloud business as UK&I Country Manager, then took on the role of Director of Northern, Eastern and Central Europe, before leading the Global Partnerships team.
Chief Business Officer
Sanjay Patel
With over 30 years of experience building and leading global Sales and Marketing teams, Sanjay brings a wealth of knowledge in taking disruptive enterprise technologies in high-growth environments to market. His career includes 10 years at Google Maps, where he held multiple leadership positions including the Global Head Of Business Development. Since leaving Google, he has taken on multiple Chief Commercial Officer and Director roles.
Director of Services
Elen Davies
Elen specialises in helping individuals and groups shift how they think and behave. She brings more than 15 years of senior level consulting and Board level experience to her role as Temporall’s Director of Services, along with her background in coaching, psychology and behavioural change.
Board member and Investor
Isobel Fox
Izzy is the founder of Outsized Ventures, the UK-based VC that led Temporall’s seed funding round. Izzy invests in founders with breakthrough technologies such as Hadean, Synthace and BioBeats, and also sits on the Innovate UK board. Prior to Outsized Ventures, Izzy was Head of Venture Capital at White Cloud Capital. She remains one of the only female General Partners in the UK.
Board member and Investor
Bijan Bedroud

Bijan is an accomplished senior executive with over 30 years of experience in all areas of revenue and profit generation for technology organisations. He is currently the Senior Vice President and General Manager at Salesforce.org. Prior to Salesforce, Bijan held a number of senior positions including Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA at Adobe, as well as roles at Eloqua, Vignette and DoubleClick.

Board member
Sébastien Marotte
Sebastien is a leading voice in Cloud infrastructure, Machine Learning and transformation in the technology sphere. Over an established 30 year career in the industry, Sebastien has held a number of executive roles across a range of international brands including Google Cloud, Hyperion and Oracle. He recently took the role of President EMEA at Box. Sebastien has been a Temporall Board Member since 2019.

Advisory Board

Board Advisor
Kim Wylie
Kim is the Global Director of People Development and Change at Farfetch. She came to this position after an 11 year period at Google, where she undertook a number of leadership roles including Global Practice Lead of Change and Culture at Google Cloud. Kim is also a regular keynote speaker, has been published in Forbes and The Economist and guest lectures at London Business School and Imperial College London.
NED & Board Member
Julian Birkinshaw

Julian is a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School, where he also holds a leadership position responsible for Executive Education and Learning Innovation. Throughout his research, real-world practice and consulting, Julian focuses on how digital technology is enabling the development of new business models and modern ways of working.

Board member
Xen Lategan
Xen has held a number of executive positions at global companies throughout his 20 year career, including Chief Technology Officer of News International and Executive Advisor at HULU, Next Games and Fox Corporations. Xen’s background is in engineering, which led him to the role of SOA/BPM Technical Specialist and the Regional Head of Enterprise Solutions Engineering at Microsoft UK. More recently, Xen founded Ophin Ventures.
Board Advisor - Information Security
Correy Voo
Correy is a life-long technologist with a background in engineering and a 25 year career in senior executive roles, including Chief Technology Officer at some of the world's largest multinational organisations. Correy leverages his broad technology experience to work on a range of advisory services and also hold various non-executive board roles for a range of start-up and enterprise businesses, and government organisations (both local and central).

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