Accelerate growth with digital workplace analytics

Unlock the potential of your digital workplace. Boost productivity, supercharge collaboration and enhance the digital employee experience, using insights from your existing digital workplace tools and employee feedback.

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Find a path to sustained growth with Temporall

Temporall is a digital workplace analytics platform that combines data from Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and employee feedback. Use Temporall to gain visibility on the barriers and opportunities to growth, to boost your productivity, collaboration, and the digital employee experience.

Improve productivity and efficiency

Enable better ways of working with the right digital workplace tools and processes

Create a seamless digital experience

Adopt and enhance technologies to improve engagement and employee experience

Collaborate more

Improve teamwork and alignment across your teams – wherever and whenever they work

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Get actionable intelligence

Unify your digital workplace data in Temporall’s dynamic Dashboards to quickly identify working patterns and trends that would otherwise be difficult to spot with raw siloed data.

Highlight opportunities for growth and process optimisation, and continually measure progress across your digital workplace.

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Measure connection across your organisation

Continuously analyse how information flows across your organisation. Identify key influencers and cross-functional teams work together with Temporall Networks.

Understand how your organisational structure affects communication and collaboration, and use AI to get actionable, unbiased insights on opportunities to improve.

Set employees up for success

Use Temporall Surveys to gather feedback directly from your workforce and clearly understand their digital employee experience.

Discover fresh opportunities to improve your digital workplace. Enable your teams to drive greater growth with the right technology and digital workplace practices – wherever and whenever they work.

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Execute your winning digital workplace strategy with our platform


Leaders rely on Temporall

Temporall  supports companies around the world to maximise the effectiveness of their digital workplace.

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92% of leaders feel that Temporall has improved the efficiency of their digital workplace tools, driving down costs whilst enhancing the employee experience.
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87% of teams say that Temporall has given better insights into their meeting culture leading to a more a productive approach to work.
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88% of Temporall clients better understand the impact of their working policies and digital workplace technologies on social capital and connection.

What is digital workplace analytics?

How to build a business case for digital workplace analytics

Brands that love Temporall

By analyzing our Google Workspaces data in Temporall, we will be able to take a data driven approach to improving the employee experience for Thoughtworkers.

Phil Ibarolla,
Group CIO North America & EMEA

Unlocking time-consuming and costly insights quickly across our digital workplace has enabled us to reduce unnecessary meetings, drive alignment and optimise our digital workplace.

Ranaq Sen,

Temporall workplace analytics platform is a core component of our data strategy to deliver continuous high-value organisational insights.

Matt Barker,
Chief People Officer

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See Temporall in action

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