We bring clarity
Temporall gives leaders a clear picture of their organisation’s performance. We help you understand where you are, what to do next and in what order.

We call this organisational intelligence.


Partial insight

Decision making for most leaders is hindered by partial insight. Important information regarding a company’s people and the way they work is fragmented, lost in silos and enterprise systems with a wealth of data seemingly inaccessible.

The strategies created using this incomplete picture of your organisational performance – be it strategic planning, productivity, culture, resilience, agility or digital transformation – are less effective and lead to higher levels of risk.


Organisational intelligence

Temporall helps leaders exercise their organisational intelligence. Using data from across your people and enterprise systems we help you understand how effective your strategy is and how to improve your organisational performance.

We bring clarity to how work gets done.


How we create value for leaders

Why do some organisations perform better than others?

Too often business strategy is developed without visibility of the factors that impact organisational performance. This means leaders don’t fully understand how to deliver positive change within their organisation.

In many businesses the data that leadership teams need already exists, but is locked in siloes created by enterprise systems, and complex workforce structures.

Temporall’s Workbench platform has been designed by leaders, for leaders. It gathers and connects fragmented data from across a company, converting it into insights that help leaders understand how your organisation is performing, determine what you need to do, and in what order. We call this organisational intelligence.


Exercise your organisational intelligence

Workbench is our organisational intelligence platform. Built from the ground up to enhance decision making, it collects and analyses data from across your people and enterprise systems, to help you realise how work gets done most effectively and drive your organisational performance.

Using Workbench and Connectors/APIs, we provide a rich visualisation and discovery of how third party applications are used across your company. Brought into context with other key enterprise systems, leadership teams gain key insights that directly impact decision making.

The platform clarifies the performance of your teams using insights that span bots (Slack, Workplace, Teams), Temporall’s mobile App and analytical survey methods. This helps you understand your people, their networks and patterns of behaviour, whilst measuring the performance against a framework/assessment and allowing anonymised general feedback.

Workbench Engine stores and unifies structured and unstructured data. Using both A.I. techniques and data analytics, it delivers a continuous and aggregated understanding of a company’s data across multiple sources.

This full picture allows Workbench power users to analyse and develop high value insights, detect changes across key performance indicators, and develop better-informed organisational strategies.

Workbench Solutions Architecture

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Workbench. Lets get started.


Get greater insight into your current strategy’s impact on your company performance and learn how to improve your planning for the future


Understand how well your organisational culture is supporting your strategy and how improving it can drive high performance


Establish a culture that encourages innovation and map the next steps for investing in the future


Identify the key risks to meeting your objectives and understand how your organisational culture can help mitigate them


Recognise how your current digital strategy is impacting your performance and how changing it can drive greater results


Gain clarity on how your organisation can improve its resilience to uncertainty and how you can best prepare for the future



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