Utilise organisational intelligence for sustained performance and competitive edge

Intelligent insights,
informed decision making

Our organisational insights platform, Workbench, uncovers and unlocks high-impact insights and helps our clients make better decisions. We take quantitative, qualitative, sentiment and network analysis data from across an organisation and using analytics, machine learning, dashboards, and reporting provide deep organisational intelligence.

Generate unique and contextualised insights

Structured frameworks,
real-time data capture

Develop and act on a deep understanding of your organisation’s capabilities in key areas such as digital, culture, leadership, compliance and innovation utilising our own industry-leading Organisational Index, and third-party Partner frameworks and services that are hosted on and generated from the Workbench platform.

Meet people where they work

Integrate and gather insights from your favourite communication tools such as Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams or our Workbench native Apps to meet people where they are, continuously capture critical insights at scale and at pace.

Discover and unlock
previously untapped value

Combine data from Workbench, existing enterprise applications such as CRM, HR, communication, and productivity systems and tools to discover and unlock opportunities to deliver cross-systems insight and business improvement; increase productivity, drive higher engagement, develop a culture of innovation, measure your digital readiness.

Continuous insights from across your organisation

Measure organisational impact with our financial dashboard

Turn key goals into organisational performance indicators, utilise revenue and income metrics pre-configured or create your own to meet your specific needs.

Helping our clients and partners think and act different