Organisational Intelligence
Our Workbench platform delivers advanced diagnostics, continuous insights, metrics tracking and predictive analytics
“With Workbench we’ve been able to uncover insights and make recommendations that have been critical to helping our clients understand how they’re set up to achieve their business goals”
“We selected Temporall as our partner because of their expertise in delivering organisational insights on a continuous basis and the extensive functionality of Workbench.”
The cost of partial Insight?
The majority of leaders suffer from an incomplete picture of their organisation. They continue to face the pressure of improving key areas of their company performance.

Whether its strategic planning, workforce productivity, culture, innovation, digital transformation, managing risk or compliance efforts, there is a real cost to this ‘partial insight’.

Never has it been so vital for leaders to be able to make sense of their situation. To act with speed and authority. To solve the things that matter the most. So what’s the answer?

Organisational Intelligence for leaders
Use Organisational Intelligence to trade partial insight for full situational awareness, informed decision making, and effective risk management.

We enable the input and interpretation of data, activity, and signals from across a company, on a continuous basis. We help leaders make sense of their situation, and act upon it.

Our clients benefit from knowing with certainty which areas of company performance to target, and how to deliver high impact returns.

Continuous insights from across your organisation

Advanced organisational diagnostics
Workbench, our Organisational Intelligence platform, enables you to undertake advanced organisational diagnostics. It helps leaders make sense of where they are today, their strengths, and where critical gaps exist.

Our diagnostic module includes multilingual framework creation and hosting. Use our own Organisational Index, our Partners’ Indexes, or your own. Gather data via surveys, bots and our native Apps.

Connect to third-party systems via our integrations and widen your data input. This allows for the delivery of even more precise insights and metrics.

Continuous insights
Critical insights are surfaced using Workbench. This is performed using machine learning techniques, quantitative, qualitative, and sentiment analysis, search, entity extraction, tagging, and organisational network analysis (ONA).

With dashboards, reporting, and deep analytics our Labs team and Partners are able to produce high-value reports and recommendations for our clients. These are both rich in detail and highly visual in design.

Metrics tracking
Our metrics module allows Workbench users to add and monitor key organisational performance indicators. Pre-select from pre-configured metrics or create your own to meet your specific needs.

Add existing and intended performance data such as sales productivity, inclusivity, attrition, and compliance. These metrics are then viewable on dashboards, and show progress against set targets.

These can be updated via Workbench or by connected to third-party systems.

Looking to improve your company’s performance?

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