Workplace Automation

Are you ready for the new world of work?
From new emerging technologies, to shifting workforce demographics, the challenge of climate change and the profound impact of COVID-19 – humanity is facing an unprecedented level of disruption to personal and work lives.

How enterprises respond in the short-term will ultimately determine whether they survive or thrive in the longer-term.

Underpinning all effective responses is a proper understanding of the starting point. Leaders must therefore have a detailed grasp of organisational readiness to adapt to new economic, technological and social models.

Seize opportunity, mitigate risk and get fit for the future

Workbench powers a deep analysis of the factors that reveal the readiness of your enterprise to meet the demands of the future.

Look across silos, delve into domains of capability and profile the hotspots of resistance to understand the extent to which your work and workforce transformation efforts are:

  • Likely to succeed
  • Measuring up relative to others
  • Slipping behind strategic necessity

Be it the approach to scaling automation adoption, the ability to operate with greater agility or the rate at which your people are able to be re-skilled, Workbench provides a rigorous framework from which to assess the impact of interventions, communicate new priorities and align enterprise resources.

Workbench enables the creation of your fitness plan for the future.

People are vital
70% of people currently employed in the UK are exposed to the potential impact of emerging technologies. Work will inevitably be re-designed, jobs will be re-defined and the workforce will adapt.

People first

$3.8 trillion is the estimated global value of lost business output as a result of enterprises being unable to find the skills necessary to perform new emergent work ten years from now.

Only 16% of enterprises are either on track or ahead with their efforts to transform their work and workforces.

Those falling behind cite lack of wholesale digital adoption, hard to change culture and ineffective HR for lack of progress.

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