Your multi-cloud workplace analytics platform.

Connect data from your collaboration tools, CRMs, work management systems and employee engagement tools on one centralised platform.

Make better, data-driven decisions.

Advanced Workplace Metrics

Understand when and how work happens.

Measure the utilisation and impact of your digital workplace tools.

Study 100s of metrics including message activity hours, adoption rate, manager response time, demographic usage, and much more.

Identify trends in work patterns 

Organisational Network Analysis

See how teams connect, collaborate and share information. Measure the impact in real-time.

Highlight silos and potential barriers to productivity. Pinpoint where to invest your time and resources.

Filter by Department or any other demographic e.g. Tenure or Location

Topic and Sentiment Trends

Get an unbiased and accurate understanding of employees’ feelings over time.

Make data-driven decisions that positively impact your teams, based on insights into the everyday interactions across your workplace tools.

Understand the frequency and sentiment of key organisational topics

Assess the strength of key organisational attributes
Smart Surveys

Collect feedback and give a voice to your employees with smart surveys, deployed directly in your digital workplace tools.

Use smart pulse surveys alongside real-time analytics to get a full picture of your company.

We keep you in control.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Easily define overall company settings, user roles and the associated admin rights.

Aggregated Data

Data is gathered from chosen systems, aggregated, encrypted, and read by machines only.

Anonymisation Settings

Identifiable data like employee names can be removed using our anonymisation settings.


You can get going with Workbench within minutes. both the activation and integration process is straightforward.

We have a Knowledge Centre and Success Team ready to help you from beginning to end.

Workbench is easy to use, many customers have data/business analysts who do a majority of the work. We have a Knowledge Centre and dedicated Customer Success Managers who are ready to support you.

Temporall is ISO 27001 certified and we care deeply about data privacy and security.

Read our platform privacy policy. Or contact us directly with any questions.

You can connect Slack, Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams - with Google Workspace and Outlook coming soon! If you use other tools, let us know. We are constantly building and have an engineering team on-hand to look at new integrations.

Digital Workplace Analytics