Workbench brings you the clarity to make more effective decisions so you can get ahead and stay ahead.

Understand your organisation with AI-driven, real-time analytics using data from your people and workplace tools.

Helping you harness and act on your data

Workbench brings meaning to your data and helps you understand how your organisation is working. With this real-time situational awareness, you can make better, data-driven decisions to deliver continuous high-value business outcomes across your company.
Organisational Network Analysis

Harness real-time visualisations of your company connectivity over time, using data from your everyday workplace tools including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook and Google Workspace.

Understand working patterns and spot trends to help you respond to change and measure the impact of your decisions.

Sales are central to the

company and have strong

connections to other departments

Filter by Department of

any other key demographic needed

There has been a recent increase

in company-wide message posting

Track workplace tooling utilisation and activity
Advanced Metrics for Workplace Tools

Get into the granularity of how your company works by studying trends in Member, Channel/Groups and Message analytics, using data from your workplace tools.

Filter your view by activity hours, adoption time, channel name, demographic usage – and observe how it changes over time as you enact new strategies.

Topic & Sentiment Analysis


Understand trending topics across your organisation and how your people feel about key areas of discussion.

Overcome the issues of bias and false feedback that are common in employee surveys, and hear the authentic voice of your employees based on everyday interactions in the workplace tools they feel comfortable using.

Understand the frequency and sentiment

of key organisational topics

A new Accessibility initiative has

been announced but has

been received neutrally

Track how a key topics

trends over time

Measure and assess the strength of key

organisational attributes with surveys

Something has caused a

drop in technology sentiment

People Intelligence


Work with our Labs team to design indices / organisational assessments and ask questions to teams directly in the workplace tools they use everyday or with traditional survey methods.

Visualise and drill down into assessment scores, measure eNPS, sentiment and build heatmaps to understand how your organisation is changing over time and how teams are responding to change.

Trusted worldwide by customers

With Workbench we’ve been able to uncover insights and make recommendations that have been critical to helping our clients understand how they’re set up to achieve their business goals.

Google Executive, Google

Gather deeper insights by connecting single or multiple systems together

Temporall Workbench connects with the world’s most popular enterprise workplace tools to bring you advanced, real-time and comparative insights
Workplace from Facebook
Microsoft Teams
Google Workspace

You are in control

With our advanced privacy controls and enterprise security, you decide what data is synched to our platform, who manages it and who can surface insights.

Our data protection policy and enterprise security measures are in line with industry best practice. We are GDPR compliant and work with some of the world’s largest brands – we are trusted to deliver a market leading platform.


Workbench is a new way for you leadership teams to make data-driven decisions based on advanced, real-time analytics.

It has been built by our team behavioural scientists, enterprise technologists and engineers. The AI-enriched insights and advanced system analytics use data that already exists in your workplace tools to help you save time, save resource and gain clarity. It’s incredibly powerful but comes at the fraction of the cost of big consulting firms and is so much easier than trying to analyse such a huge amount of data internally.

You can activate and access your Workbench account instantly. The integration process is very simple and can be carried out independently using our end-to-end installation guides. The whole thing can be up and running in less than 20 minutes.

Workbench is super easy to use. It can be used by anyone in your organisation, however some organisations will have a dedicated data analyst that will be the lead user. We also have dedicated Customer Success Managers, a knowledge centre and an Insights team ready to support you – whatever your role.

Of course! You decide which workplace tool/s get connected to Workbench. Workbench currently integrates with Slack, Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams – with Google Workspace coming later in 2021.

You are also able connect employee demographic data via .csv or Azure AD, connect engagement data from systems such as Culture Amp or Peakon, and conduct surveys.

Yes. Your personal information, conversations and insights are safe with Workbench. Temporall delivers enterprise-grade security at every level, regularly faces rigourous security checks and is GDPR-compliant.

In addition, Workbench offers security features, such as Enterprise Security Controls and data logging. Data storage is provided by a Google sub-processor, Global Infrastructures UK Limited

Getting started is easy

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