Prove the value of your IT workplace tools.

Real-time analytics built for IT Leaders in the modern hybrid workplace, using the data being created every day in your digital workplace tools.

Get a real-time 360° view of your workplace.

Make better, data-driven decisions about your technology and see the benefits across your business units.

Workplace 360°.

Access unmatched usage and effectiveness insights across multiple workplace tools including Slack, Google Workspace and Office 365.

And connect metric data from CRM, HR and Work Management systems.

Focus your optimization efforts.

Design highly intentional IT change enablement programs with pinpoint accuracy. 

Activate real-time change with continuous workplace analytics.

Be more value-driven not cost-driven.
Use insights generated from your workplace tools to drive value across business units. Show leaders the impact of your tooling on team connection, information flow and when work happens.
Why do IT Leaders choose Workbench?


Save IT and Business Unit Leaders thousands of hours with automated insights and custom reports.


Real-time analytics that deliver insight up to 10X faster than manual interpretation.


AI platform built on 1000s of hours of development-and decades of expertise.

Digital Workplace Analytics