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Evolve existing tools into modern digital products

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Build or Buy?

Workbench has been designed to be utilised by Partners as a B2B offering to serve your clients.

Our platform hosts and manages new and existing best-in-class frameworks such as digital, innovation, compliance, leadership, and diversity & inclusion for example, helping to evolve your existing IP & tools (frameworks, quotients, indexes) into modern digital products and new client experiences.

Workbench gathers continuous insight (both structured and unstructured data) from people, teams and systems allowing for rich discovery and diagnostic data to be integrated into your existing frameworks.

You benefit from a continuous flow of organisational data from your clients being hosted in Workbench and accessed by your organisational consultants to conduct analytics, insights and generate high-value recommendations.

Use Workbench as part of your existing methodology but focus your time and effort on high-value initiatives, clients outcomes and growing your business.

You’ll get the same industry leading organisational insights platform that we use ourselves for our own Organisational Index but with your own framework and your branding, all powered by Temporall.

We offer Bootcamp training to get you and your team up and running quickly, to best connect with your clients and to help you deliver client value.

Help your clients take advantage of your capabilities in organisational intelligence and build their competitive edge, by offering an ‘always-on’ managed service or project-led diagnostic. Become your client’s organisational partner of choice.

Key Workbench Capabilities

1. Industry Leading

Combine Workbench, Temporall’s industry-leading organisational insights platform, with your best-in-class existing or new frameworks. Uncover and unlock high impact insights and value from your client’s people, teams and systems.

2. Deeper Insights

Powered by data analytics, machine learning, reporting and dashboards derived from quantitative, qualitative, sentiment and network analysis from across your client’s organisation.

3. B2B

Workbench has been designed ground-up to meet the needs of our B2B Partners. Host and manage your frameworks and clients on direct via Workbench with full administrative control via our B2B console.

4. Enterprise & Security

Workbench is an Enterprise software platform, our security and privacy measures and controls allow us to serve our Partners’ clients as we do our own. End-to-end encryption and fully GDPR compliant.

5. Framework Design

We have extensive experience in helping our clients optimise existing and designing new frameworks using our expertise in organisational and behavioural science.

Deeper Insights

Create and optimise frameworks and combine with data sources from across the enterprise to generate insights and recommendations

Increased Revenue

Develop new revenue streams when moving from a static tool to a digital product, deploy Workbench an ‘always-on’ managed service


Increase speed to insights and recommendations with real-time data gathering, evolve your client offering with a new delivery cadence


Temporall Workbench is licensed under an OEM and framework revenue share model, utilise your frameworks on our platform