What's new in Workbench - March

We recently released our March updates to Workbench.

A number of key platform updates have been released to ensure that we continue meeting the analytics and insight needs of our customers and partners.

This month, we’ve focused a lot of time and attention on usability. Networks have received updates to the UX, additional enterprise controls have been added, and your Campaign reporting experience has been improved.

Here’s what’s new in Workbench:

1. Networks – usability and customisation

We’ve done a lot of work on Networks this month.

Network analysis is one of the most powerful features of Workbench. So ensuring it is intuitive, accurate and able to keep pace with the demands of modern workplace analytics needs, is essential.

This month, we’ve introduced full consistency in the colour coding of nodes. This update makes Networks much easier and faster to use. With consistency in colour coding, even when filters and layouts are changed, your ability to tell impactful stories with the data becomes much easier and the extraction into reports is more congruous.

March has also seen the introduction of dashed bordering of selected nodes. When you now select an individual node or a category in legend (e.g. Engineering Department), your selected group is made visible with a dashed border.

These tweaks may seem small – but trust us, they make a huge difference to your data analysis and storytelling. Give it a go.

workbench network usability

2. Enterprise Controls

Data and insight protection and privacy is a core pillar of Workbench and this month we’re bringing you more features that keep you in control.

You are now able to configure your own specific permissions for each role in the platform (Super Admin, Admin, Integration Admin, Analyst, Employee, Guest).

This more granular configuration design is built to meet the unique needs of your organisation because we understand what works for one company won’t always work for another.

3. Campaign Metrics

Workbench is particularly powerful when you contextualise your real-time workplace analytics with employee feedback from people insight campaigns.

This month, we’ve updated campaign metrics to improve your visibility of campaign delivery and response success.

In your Campaign settings, the Respondents page breaks down the number of Completed, Opened, Started, Not Opened and Invalidated campaigns by demographic, including Age, Country, Department, Employee Level, Gender etc. over time.

With greater visibility of campaign metrics, you can understand how each area of your company is responding to the campaign, and where it needs more attention and campaign advocacy.

It’s just keeps getting better.

Workbench is updated every month in order to meet the needs of our clients and partners. Our rapid pace of software engineering ensures that our clients have the best experience possible and are able to continuously deliver workplace analytics and insights for the hybrid era.

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