The Disconnected Enterprise
Leadership Challenges in 2021 and Beyond

The short-term consequences of COVID-19 were fast, unexpected and severe. Millions of people lost jobs or were furloughed, others rapidly adjusted to working from home, while many workers were deemed essential and continued to work in our hospitals, supermarkets, to deliver our post, and drive the buses.

Leaders negotiated unprecedented pressure to lead through this period and minds were firmly set on survival — not long-term success. The need for rapid digital transformation was well documented, and was at the top of the agenda for most leaders who now faced a distributed workforce and client base.

But what are the longer-term implications of a year of uncertainty and disconnection, and how will leaders negotiate further change?

Conducted by Temporall, with the support of London Business School’s Professor Julian Birkinshaw, our report takes the temperature of the current thoughts and feelings of leaders around the world as they face the new future of work.

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