The benefits of choosing a Temporall Partner


Temporall is building a global ecosystem of consultancies and resellers that use Workbench to bring unparalleled organisational insights to clients.

Temporall Partners are able to introduce a new method of data collection and frame for analysis. They benefit from a real-time, highly accurate, and visually compelling set of insights. Clients simply cannot access these from any other consultancies or resellers.

Temporall’s organisational insights platform, Workbench surfaces critical analytics into a company’s inner-workings in real-time. It draws upon a variety of data sources including collaboration and communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, which allows Temporall Partners to understand how work is really happening. The real-time insights help Partners make high-value, intelligence-led reports and recommendations.

Real-time Organisational Network Analysis map on Temporall's organisational insights platform, Workbench

When evaluating joining the Partner Program, the CEO of a recent addition (and a winner of the Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2021) stated that the practice of consulting has generally been carried out the same way for the last 20 years: interviews, surveys, and focus groups.

He questioned how anyone could assume that during the next 20 years this would remain the same?

Employee surveys are a static view of an organisation. Considering today’s fast-paced world, by the time the results of an employee survey are analysed, the insights are generally outdated. Employee self-reports can also be subjective – compromising the validity of the findings.

The adoption of workplace tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack has exploded over the course of the last few years (65% of companies increased their usage of collaboration platforms in 2020). Combine this with the impact of Covid-19, and reliance on remote working practices, it’s clear that there is an immense opportunity to capitalise on the data that these tools generate.

There is an enormous potential to unearth tailored insight about your business from the data being captured in the workplace systems used every day. Working with consultancies or technology vendors who understand how to analyse this data is critical to generate a competitive advantage.

But what does that really mean? What are the typical questions Temporall Partners solve for? Here’s just a handful:

I imagine some of the above have already been asked at your organisation. Perhaps they’ve remained unanswered due to a lack of data or a tentative understanding of your data, limited budget or human resourcing?

Temporall Partners are equipped to unlock unparalleled insights with Workbench.


Find the right Partner for you here.

Are you a consultancy or reseller interested in excelling your insights with Temporall? Become a Partner.

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“I was blown away by the visibility Temporall gave our organisation into the adoption of our key collaboration platforms, the experience of our employees, and the guidance as to where best to invest our time and resources into improving the employee experience.”

Neal Riley CTO, Adaptavist

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