Temporall welcomes Karen Rivoire as Executive Advisor

Temporall welcomes Karen Rivoire to the growing team as an Executive Advisor

Temporall is proud to welcome Karen Rivoire as Executive Advisor. Karen’s speciality can be described as a multi-cultural people strategist. Her award-winning, board level capability has enabled some of the world’s biggest and best brands to unleash the potential of their people.

For over 25 years in marketing and HR, Karen has developed great leaders and teams at Sony, Carrefour, Unilever, Thai Union & WPP. She builds purposeful, adaptive, inclusive and resilient organisations that drive innovation by giving people a voice, developing value-driven leaders and using technology to help build trust.

Karen Rivoire, Temporall Executive Advisor

” I believe that good work is an essential part of society’s sustainable fabric.”

Karen shares, “I’m so happy to join Temporall. The whole team has real-world experience of what excellent organisational culture looks like. Personally, I’ve been lucky to experience and craft great cultures as CPO in companies like Unilever where I spent 12 years. The workplace has been my playground for over 25 years. Therefor, I inspire people to enjoy the rides and recover from the bumps. More and more people can define their own inclusive playgrounds with purpose and develop their own resilience. Great cultures encourage this.

“Above all, I believe that good work is an essential part of society’s sustainable fabric. Businesses of all sizes that choose to optimise human systems for good with responsible technology will thrive. Temporall understands this and their culture analytics platform sits at the heart of the business.

“Temporall’s culture index and Culture Workbench will help good leaders at all levels in the business close the gap between what people experience (culture) and company purpose. For that reason, closing this gap is essential and will help the continuous crafting of better adaptive culture and good work.”

Karen’s current focus is on advising female founders and start-ups that solve real-world problems. Moreover, she is a thought-leader on the future of work, people strategy and women-machine collaboration in an AI-enabled world.

“Karen’s experience is going to be invaluable.”

Temporall founder and CEO, Thomas Davies said, “It’s great to welcome Karen to the team. Her experience is going to be invaluable in helping us drive the business in the right direction throughout 2019 and beyond. The foundations of a strong culture is alignment and it’s something that is ingrained in her philosophy and outlook. She’s a brilliant addition.”

Welcome Karen to the team!