Slack Intelligence

Real-time advanced analytics and reporting for better, data-driven decision making.


Harnesses the data that Slack generates to identify trends, patterns and insights into your organisation

Slack Intelligence helps you to measure the impact and value of Slack bringing clarity to your team collaboration, communications, culture and innovation, and how this can be improved.

Delivered on our AI-powered data analytics platform Workbench, Slack Intelligence leverages a number of machine learning and data analytics techniques to help you make faster, better decisions.

Understand how collaboration occurs

Measure the influence of your internal communications

Leverage the true potential of your people and teams

Compare Slack with your other messaging and collaboration systems

Only Workbench allows you to use relational analytics to assess and compare Slack with your other enterprise messaging and communication tools like Microsoft Teams. This means you can truly see which workplace tools are best suited for what type of work and for what teams. With augmented enterprise intelligence you can acutely understand your digital workplace and how work gets done best in these market-leading tools.

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Who should use Slack Intelligence?

We believe that organisational effectiveness should be accessible for all, data insights should be democratised and that every industry can benefit from real-time Organisational Intelligence.

Key beneficiaries include:

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