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What’s going on in your digital HQ?

Slack is your digital HQ. It’s where work happens and represents your desk, the meeting room, water-cooler and even the after work drinks spot. As a result, the number of messages, reactions, huddles and voice notes is through the roof.

More than 1,500,000,000 (billion) messages are sent per month.

Regardless of where you are physically, it connects you and your business across regions and time zones. But how are you cutting through the noise to measure usage, working patterns and ultimately understand the true business value of Slack?


Slack Analytics

Temporall’s Slack analytics product is the most advanced on the market.

Connect Slack to our platform and watch insights on usage, collaboration, working patterns and system impact stream in.

Slack Health Check

The Slack Health Check is a survey delivered and completed in Slack.

Employees give direct feedback in the tool, using questions designed by our organisational science team.

Temporall’s analytics platform: Workbench

Date range pickers and

saved views

Collaboration patterns within

and between teams

Filter by Department or

other dempographics


Slack Intelligence is simple to set up. Take a look at this quick demo and get connected in minutes.
Temporall’s analytics product is the most advanced on the market. Dive into this 5-minute demo and learn more.
Harnessing Your Slack Data for the Future of Work

Temporall took to their remote work spaces to demonstrate the power of the data in your Slack.

Watch the Slack Frontiers session and demo now.

About Temporall

At Temporall, we know that greatness comes from better collaboration. But it doesn’t happen by chance. You need to gain clarity and cut through the noise of Slack, so you can optimise for the future.

Built by Temporall’s team of behavioural scientists and enterprise technologists, our analytics platform continuously connects to and analyses data that already exists in your Slack instance. Temporall is in the unique position to help you analyse both real-time data directly from Slack and feedback from your people via our pulse surveys.

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