Adapting to the growing needs of your key stakeholders?

Taking the time for self-reflection at an organisational level, to deeply understand your recent past, where you are today, and what changes need to be made to both strategy and structure is a recurring theme for scale-ups.

Founders and their leadership teams cite a need to continue to focus on scaling excellence in customer acquisition, product engineering or customer service yet hit a headwind as they look to identify the key insights they need to effect change at all levels of their organisation.

Be it processes, procedures or an organisation’s core operating structure the role of organisational development in preparing to succeed is of critical importance.

Workbench can help you uncover both the ‘Big Wins’ and ‘Barriers to Growth’ with insights from your people, teams and systems, bringing you the insights that matter the most.

Gather and generate data ranging from your top organisational attributes, employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), detailed sentiment analysis and turn that into critical insights and recommendations on key themes including culture, purpose, leadership, management, decision-making, talent management and key innovation capabilities for example.

Take a coordinated and integrated approach to identifying what and where to focus your time and effort, and to have the right data to make better more informed decisions on how to get ready for continued success.
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Company value

Eighty percent of CEOs and CFOs believe that a healthy culture is one of the five most important factors that helps drive a company’s valuation.

Shareholder return

Twenty percent higher returns to shareholders when your company has been listed as one of the best places to work.


There is a forty eight percent probability of staff turnover at a poor culture company as compared to 13.9% company turnover at a high culture company.