Advanced people and engagement analytics

Analytics and reporting into how your teams are working and feeling so you can make rapid, data-driven decisions.

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Your people are your most important asset. It’s critical that you continuously work to understand them and help give them a voice.

Temporall is changing the way you can use data to build a picture of your organisation and make more-informed decisions.




Securely gather people data using surveys

Automate the scheduling, distribution and analysis of surveys across your organisation, to regularly assess how your people connect and feel over time.

Make use of the bank of questions and indexes/assessments designed by organisational and behavioural scientists, and our consulting partners, or build a unique question set for your specific need.

Plug in your existing employee data to connect to Workbench. It’s quick and easy.

Deliver surveys directly in Slack, MS Teams,

Workplace from Facebook or via email

Automate the scheduling, distribution

and analysis of surveys across your


There are a number of well connected

people in the company that can

act as change champions

Filter by Department or any other

key demographic needed

Gain clarity with the industry’s most advanced data analytics platform

Use Organisational Network Analysis, sentiment and topic analysis, along with intelligent dashboards to understand your organisation’s working patterns and employee feedback.

Explore your analytics and gather insight into your how your organisational champions, collaboration patterns, communication and culture evolve over time with regular pulses

Make more-informed, data-driven decisions

Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), Workbench delivers the insights for data-driven decisions, whenever you need it.

Overcome the challenges of expensive and ineffective point-in-time surveys, bias and instinct-led leadership. Make faster, smarter decisions to get ahead and stay ahead.

The Accounts team are particularly

unhappy with their technology set up

Managers are well regarded by

employees in this survey


Conduct surveys and dynamic pulses with your people using indexes/assessments designed by our team of organisational and behavioural scientists.

Organisational Index
Brings clarity to leaders wanting to understand the strategic drivers of organisational performance, effectiveness and culture.
Resilience Index
Assesses and tracks the qualities that help organisations survive disruption, recover faster and become stronger than before.
Partner Indexes
Need something else? We have partnered with the best specialist agencies and consultancies across the globe, so you can get the most out of Workbench.

Do you have existing people and engagement data?

Workbench can help unlock greater value from your existing investments in engagement and survey tools including Culture Amp, Glint and SurveyMonkey, to generate real-time insights that help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Trusted worldwide by customers

The data comes from our employees, so we are responding directly to their feedback and collecting their input on how we shape and embed a high-performance culture that is right for Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing, VP, HR


People Intelligence can bring clarity across every industry and function. Each question set can be designed to help you understand different elements of your organisation, for example a hybrid working assessment.

Key People Intelligence users include:

  • Identify organisational champions to support change programmes, knowledge brokers and potential bottlenecks


  • Measure and improve team integration


  • Study working patterns of your teams, wherever they are working
  • Understand the impact of change on your people and filter across demographics, for example hybrid work design


  • Identify well-being and attrition risk by measuring when teams are working, highlighting over-dependance on employees/teams and organisational silos


  • Measure how connected your teams are and be intentional about how people are integrated, for example in the onboarding process
  • Assess internal communication diffusion and reach across the organisation


  • Evaluate the impact of internal communication across your people and by demographics


  • Identify organisational champions and knowledge brokers to support communication initiatives, and highlight potential bottlenecks or risks
Get deeper insights by connecting your people analytics and real-time insights from workplace tools
Workplace from Facebook
Microsoft Teams
Google Workspace

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