Faster, better insights for your teams

Advanced people analytics and reporting into how your teams are working, so you can make rapid, data-driven decisions. Get ahead and stay ahead, with People Intelligence.
Give a voice to your employees and build a real-time picture of the employee experience
Build a culture of connection
Assess the impact of your decision-making on your company and culture.
Surface your work collaboration patterns
Generate insights into where and how high-impact work gets done.
Communicate with your teams more effectively
Measure the effects of your messaging and internal communications.

Give your employees a voice

Gather feedback from your organisation using surveys. Make use of the bank of questions and indexes designed by organisational and behavioural scientists, and our consulting partners.

Save time on survey admin

Workbench allows you to automate the scheduling, distribution and analysis of company feedback assessments across your organisation.

Focus on your work

Temporall makes trying our platform incredibly easy. No more time consuming survey builders and poor analytics. We provide fast, in-depth analysis that frees up time for you.
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You’re in Control

You decide what data is synched to our platform, who manages it and who can surface insights with our inbuilt advanced privacy controls.

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data.