People Intelligence

Harness the power of your most critical asset – your people – and understand their unique strengths to drive organisational effectiveness

People are the most vital element of your organisation

Understand how they feel, as well as the behaviours and processes that are most beneficial to the organisation. People Intelligence brings together organisational science techniques, academia and our A.I. powered data analytics platform to bring you in-depth insights that help you make better decisions.

Benefit from full campaign management by Temporall Labs, as well as pulse reports, regular check-ins, heat maps, demographic filters, drill-downs and Organisational Network Analysis.

Unlock the potential of your employees

Understand how your people feel

Map your organisation’s culture and understand how to improve

Compound People Insights with data from your enterprise messaging and collaboration systems

Only Workbench allows you to contextualise your people insights with data from across your digital workplace tools like SlackMicrosoft Teams and Workplace from Facebook. These augmented analytics give you a full picture of your organisation, so you have information to make the best-informed decisions.

Check out our digital workplace intelligence products.

Workplace from Facebook Intelligence
Microsoft Teams Intelligence
Slack Intelligence

Who should use People Intelligence?

We believe that organisational effectiveness should be accessible for all, data insights should be democratised and that every industry can benefit from real-time Organisational Intelligence.

Key beneficiaries include:

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