People Insights

An organisation’s most valuable, yet often overlooked, asset is your people – so working to understand everyone and ensuring you have the right people for the right task sets you up for success. We help you make better decisions and maximise your peoples’ efforts based on what they are actually doing and saying in real time. Using Workbench, our A.I.-powered data analytics platform we help clients reveal critical organisational insights and make faster, better informed decisions.

Discover who your informal leaders, influencers and connectors are, and harness their talents and relationships
Reveal the hidden attributes of your people and teams, where and how they show up across your company
Understand and track the effectiveness of your existing people strategy, including hiring, onboarding, performance management and training
Assess inclusivity and identify your company’s isolated or at-risk teams / individuals
We now have a stronger understanding of how our people feel about their work, our leaders and the company in general and understand what they need to thrive, be productive and drive performance.
Head of People Operations Global Technology Client
Workbench connects your fragmented organisational data. Powered by A.I., our analytics platform draws information from enterprise systems including Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook, as well as from people and teams across your company.
Power-users harness Workbench’s Machine Learning techniques including sentiment analysis, classification, entity, and translation, as well as quantitative, qualitative, topic, and organisational network analysis (ONA). The platform’s augmented analytics capabilities then help you make sense of, and act on this critical data – delivering advanced insights to improve organisational effectiveness. We give you access to the data you need and tools required to make faster, better informed decisions.
The data comes from our employees, so we are responding directly to their feedback and collecting their input on how we shape and embed a high-performance culture that is right for Rakuten Marketing.
VP, HR Global Technology Client


Turn data into action and improve sales productivity


Optimise your digital workplace tools and practises


Harness the power of your teams


Understand how critical information is exchanged and received


Create and embed a high performing culture that supports your strategic goals


Release the potential of your people


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People Intelligence

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