Organisational Resilience
It’s time for the human side of organisational resilience
Every government, institution and company was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic. Globally, organisations did not enter this period of crisis in a resilient state. This has changed perspectives on continuity, planning and agility. And so while the repercussions of this situation will be far reaching, there is an immediate opportunity to improve organisational resilience in both the immediate and longer term.

In volatile times winning organisations are moving faster and further than their competitors to achieve a new level of operational resilience. But these strategies demand that you have clarity about how people are reacting to crises, and how they perform under pressure. This human side of resilience is often overlooked, and yet it underpins how successful any continuity strategy can be.

Temporall helps leaders gain clarity when making decisions that will define the success of their organisation and the people within it. We have launched our Organisational Resilience Index (ORI) specifically to help leaders build resilience during – and in the new normal that follows – a crisis.

Capitalising on the Organisational Resilience Index

The ORI is a proprietary framework, based on a detailed analysis of the 30 attributes associated with outstanding organisational resilience. Hosted on Workbench, our workplace insights platform, it gathers data from multiple sources and analyses the results to give leaders more complete situational awareness. The ORI helps you understand: 

  • How are your employees staying robust and resilient during times of unplanned change?
  • What additional resources and information do they need?
  • Are leadership communications delivered with sufficient clarity, transparency and authenticity?
  • As a company are you vigilant and alert to changing conditions?


Using these insights, leaders can understand the mindset, behaviours and actions that impact resilience, and therefore deliver organisational change at speed. The ORI supports this decision making with:

  • Detailed Executive Insights Report and & regular “check-in” reports
  • Recommendations to improve organisational resilience
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting
  • Support for communications and campaign planning


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Risk of failure

Success has never been so fragile: three out of four companies on the S&P 500 list today will disappear into obscurity by 2027. A 61-year life span for the average firm on the S&P 500 in 1958 narrowed to 25 years in 1980 — to 18 years today.


A global study of business leaders reveals that only one-third believe their firms have a culture that has embraced such an idea of ‘resilience’.

Decision making

Only 37 percent of respondents (in a recent McKinsey survey) say their organizations’ decisions under pressure are both high in quality and velocity.

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