Maximise value from Microsoft 365

Work has changed and tools like Microsoft 365 are more important than ever. In this evolving era of work, truly understanding their usage and impact on your wider business is critical.

Understand the insights that make sense

How many meetings do employees have in a week?

When does email activity happen?

How long are events scheduled for?
Where does internal, cross-functional and external collaboration occur?
How well adopted is Microsoft 365 and your other tools across geos?
What content is used most in OneDrive?
Temporall delivers focused and authentic insights into Microsoft 365 (and your other workplace tools). Our multi-cloud, AI-driven platform surfaces insights across working activity, connection, information flow and utilisation, so you make better data-driven decisions that maximise your hybrid workplace.

Key benefits

Microsoft 365 insights


Understand the business value of your Microsoft 365 deployment. Organise your tooling to fit the needs of your hybrid workplace, teams and employees.


Use dynamic network mapping to understand how your teams work together. Access hundreds of filters to identify your most productive, innovative and exciting networks.


Identify and engage your most influential teams and employees. Learn how information is shared and combine this with sentiment analysis to gain additional depth.


Assess the impact of your Microsoft 365 communications culture and working activity. Make decisions to improve your workplace strategy.


Highlight isolated employees and teams. Combine with sentiment and activity analysis to signal burnout, potential attrition, and future productivity barriers.


Analyse how interactions across Microsoft 365 (e.g. response time, density of interaction, no. of external emails) impact key business outcomes.

How does it work?

Connect OneDrive, Outlook Email and Calendar metadata to our centralised workplace analytics platform, and sync your Azure Active Directory service within minutes.

Temporall’s privacy-minded approach combines metadata from your workplace systems: collaboration, CRM and work management tools, to bring you a 360° view of your workplace.

Google workspace insights cards

A single unified analytics platform for Google Workspace, Slack, Office 365 and more

ISO 27001 certified

You data privacy is our absolute priority!

By connecting to Workbench, you are in control of the data we have access to.

With our permissions and anonymisation feature you can control the visibility of the data to the right people in your organization.

Please reach out to us to discuss any aspect of your security and privacy needs.

We never store sensitive information from your workplace tools.

When we connect to your workplace tool, your data is read only once, and analyzed to extract its metadata before we store it into our system. We work with this data to derive new insights for you to access.

Workbench, once connected to your workplace tools, will start to generate insights within hours depending in the size of your company.

Retrospective insights take a little longer as we fetch and analyse before we release to the platform.

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