Measure the impact of impact of Microsoft Teams on your organisation and employees.

Temporall delivers continuous data-driven insights on the adoption, usage and impact of Microsoft Teams. Extract maximum value from your Microsoft Teams investment.


Gain clarity amongst the chaos

Microsoft Teams is a vital tool that plays a central role in the functioning of a company, serving as a platform for work, collaboration, and decision making. It is also where your company culture is shaped and formed. However, without proper planning and usage, Microsoft Teams can become overwhelming and chaotic, leading to communication breakdowns and negatively impacting employee experience.

Don’t let this affect the employee experience, connect Microsoft Teams to Temporall and optimize your workflow and collaboration.

Understand how work gets done!

Understand how collaboration happens

Use network mapping to understand how your teams work together.

Tackle Channel sprawl

Discover how to effectively use messaging and communication tools to improve team collaboration and productivity.

Evaluate your hybrid workplace strategy

Unlock the full potential of remote, hybrid and in-office work.

Discover the value of Microsoft Teams vs. Slack

Analyze the impact of Microsoft Teams versus other messaging tools on communication patterns, employee experience, and workflows.

How does it work?


asily link Temporall to your Microsoft Teams Azure instance

Choose your apps

Simply select the channels you wish to measure.


Complete the connection process and wait for the data to start flowing.

Microsoft Teams Connector


You're in control

Advanced privacy controls

Aggregated metadata

Anonymised settings

Is my data safe with Workbench?

Your data privacy is important to us. Our platform provides insights without compromising employee privacy. You have control over what is analyzed and who can access the platform.

What do we do with your data?

We use your Microsoft Teams data to provide insights into how Microsoft Teams is being used, adopted, and impacting your organization by connecting selected channels to our analytics platform, analyzing the data, extracting its metadata. We do not store any original data.

How long before I see my data?

The time it takes to get insights depends on the size of your organization. However, most clients start seeing insights within a few hours. The connection between our platform and your digital workplace tools is made and data is analyzed in real-time.

Company settings, user roles, and associated admin rights can be easily defined using our platform. Data is gathered from chosen systems, aggregated, encrypted, and only machines read to ensure privacy. If require, identifiable data can be removed using our anonymization settings.

A single unified analytics platform for Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft 365 and more

ISO 27001 certified

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