Leading Management Consultancy Clarasys Joins the Temporall Partner Ecosystem


Clarasys - a winner of Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2021 - is the latest addition to Temporall’s partner program.

Everything Clarasys does is focused on delivering the best possible experiences. Their expanding team of just over 140 people seek to improve and innovate systems and services to help employees achieve more, citizens live well, businesses expand, and brands’ reputations grow.

But delivering great change experiences for the contemporary client requires real-time insights and advanced analytics. That’s why Clarasys has partnered with Temporall.

Clarasys will harness the capabilities of our world-leading, data analytics and organisational insights platform, Workbench to enhance their transformation and change efforts for clients.

Using Workbench will enable the Clarasys team to understand organisational networks, collaboration patterns, key influencers, identify communication effectiveness and build a map of culture across their clients – and much more. When implementing new initiatives, the leading consultancy will now be able to quickly assess their effectiveness and course correct when required.

Watch the conversation between Temporall Founder and CEO Thomas Davies, and Clarasys Founder and CEO Matt Cheung. In this video, two of the UK’s leading thinkers discuss network analysis, what’s changed over the last 18 months and what the future holds for the enterprise.

Contact Clarasys to work with them directly on a consulting project, or contact Temporall to learn more about our world-leading analytics.

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