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Temporall’s Labs team help our clients deliver Organisational Intelligence, enabling leaders to design an effective strategy and company alignment by giving them critical insights into business performance. Our team has held executive positions at many of the world’s leading enterprise technology companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, and Adobe, various global banks and The London Business School (LBS).

Project needs analysis and key stakeholder mapping conducted by Temporall’s organisational scientists and project team.
Configuration of Workbench to meet your organisation’s needs, communications planning and execution support during go-live of data gathering phase.
Turn insight into strategic action with our executive insights report – surface critical insights into the performance of strategy, transformation and people & culture
Delivery of targeted high-impact projects, insights roll-out, training and workshops, by Temporall and Partner consulting services. Launch continuous organisational insights.
Example Project Phasing
  • Project needs analysis, vision, strategy and execution goals
  • Stakeholder mapping, uncovering barriers and opportunities
  • Develop key hypotheses and agree target project outcomes


  • Organisational hierarchy and employee data sets synced with Workbench
  • Configuration of Workbench including Index selection and integrations
  • Quantitative, qualitative, sentiment analysis, search, organisational network analysis (ONA)


  • Executive insights report, from the big picture to critical organisational insights
  • Detailed data analysis, comparative and compatibility reports
  • Prioritised key recommendations, key themes, inhibitors/drivers for change


  • Execution of high-impact projects focused on business performance impact
  • Data and insights roll-out at geographic and / or business unit / function
  • Launch ‘continuous’ organisational insights via enterprise integrations
Partner On-boarding

Framework design

  • Review existing Partner Frameworks / Indexes
  • Support of new / existing Framework configuration on Workbench
  • Language translation set-up support

Workbench training

  • Partner Training Bootcamps for Administrators / Analyst
  • Client organisational set-up & configuration support
  • Demonstration: learn how to demo Workbench

Deployment support

  • Partner project support for initial reseller / B2B clients
  • Communications, sales and pre-sales assets
  • Best practice insights report and roll-out plan development


  • Integrations training e.g. Workbench Apps, Slack, Workplace by Facebook
  • Employee sync, ‘always on’ data gathering using ‘check-ins’
  • Managed Services positioning and value creation for clients
Labs, delivering the Organisational Intelligence you need
90 days
Engage Temporall Labs for a 90 day Sprint delivery from design through to executive insights report, our team lead project end-to-end or with a Partner to allow you to focus on impact.
12 mnths
A full year engagement for our larger Enterprise clients, our Labs team will manage Workbench including integration / configuration, and support a regular cadence of ‘check-ins’ for data gathering and deliver quarterly insights reports for C-Suite.
Temporall provides an Insights service led by our partners to their customers if needed. Our team will support you with your requirements to ensure your customers get the best insights available to them.
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Organisational Intelligence, for clients and our Partners

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