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Save costs and optimise your technology stack with Temporall’s multi-cloud workplace analytics platform.

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Real-time usage and adoption analytics.

Custom dashboards and report engine.

Dynamic network and collaboration mapping.

Advanced filtering by department, tenure etc.

Evaluate your suite of tools through one lens.

Access usage and adoption insights across multiple workplace tools including Slack, Google Workspace and Outlook.

Connect metric data from CRM, HR and Work Management systems, to extract maximum value across your suite of tools.

Save cost though better optimization.

Design highly intentional IT change enablement programs with pinpoint accuracy. Stop wasting time using tools that don’t serve your needs. 

Activate real-time change with continuous workplace analytics.

Do more with less.

Demonstrate the impact of tooling on team connection, information flow and when work happens.

Deliver highly resilient and affordable workplace tools whilst empowering users to work.

“We didn’t need more data, we needed to make sense of what we already had. Temporall allows us to continuously understand where we are and what needs to change, we’re now able to direct our time, resource and efforts in the right place.”

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