International change consultancy Incentro joins the Temporall partner program


Temporall is thrilled to announce Incentro as the latest addition to our global partner program.

Incentro knows that progress isn’t possible without change. But change is more than just about transforming digital infrastructures, change is about culture too.

This partnership will enhance Incentro’s organisational diagnostics and analytics capabilities in customer, employee and digital experience consultations, ready for the new and extensive challenges that decentralised digital workplaces and asynchronous practices are creating.

With a dedicated team of over 350 people from the Netherlands, Spain and Kenya, Incentro combines culture and decades of consulting experience, and is continuously growing their influence across the globe – notably throughout Africa.

Sebastiaan Janssen, Workspace Lead at Incentro talks about the partnership:

By leveraging Workbench, Temporall’s organisational insights platform, we will help our customers access and use organisational intelligence across their enterprise to support strategic planning, better understand their digital- and innovation capabilities, which will help build the hybrid workplace.

Inecntro will harness the power of Organisational Intelligence and our platform, Workbench to gather real-time, data-driven insights into how client organisations are really working. These insights will help leaders overcome the next great challenge facing the world of work: accurately understanding and adapting the organisation, while clearly gauging company culture in remote, asynchronous, digital working environments.
Thomas Davies, Temporal Founder and CEO adds:

We’re hugely excited to welcome Incentro to the global Temporall partner ecosystem. As an organisation, they align extremely well with what we stand for at Temporall - both promoting digital excellence, while ensuring that the people experience is paramount too. They’re a great addition to our program, and I can’t wait to see how they harness the power of our insights in the next decade of change.

Start working with Incentro now to benefit from our world-leading analytics, and their years of expertise in digital transformation, so you can get ahead in the future of work.

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