Understand the impact of Google Workspace on your organisation.

See how work gets done in Google Workspace using Temporall’s Google Workspace Analytics.

Pinpoint opportunities for change, and build a connected company that works for every team – regardless of where and when they work.

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Key benefits of Google Workspace Analytics

Surface continuous insights on adoption, utilisation, working patterns, collaboration, and information flow.

Understand collaboration and connection

With company-wide, department, and team-level views, plus hundreds more, dive into how collaboration fosters innovation and productivity.

Tackle communication overload

Measure the impact that Google Workspace has on working activity and out-of-hours work – and measure the resulting impact on employees.

Find out why winners are winning

Assess winning patterns of work using Google Workspace Analytics, combined with performance metrics from CRM and Work Management tools.

Evaluate the impact of hybrid working

Uncover collaboration and communications patterns, highlight silos, understand how different teams feel, measure team effectiveness, and more.

Gmail vs. other messaging tools

Measure the impact of Gmail vs. your other tools on communication patterns, the employee experience, and how work gets done.

How Temporall works with Google Workspace data

We connect your Google Workspace data to our centralised workplace analytics platform.

Our privacy-first approach continuously aggregates and analyses metadata from Google Workspace, and delivers real-time actionable insights.


Connect your workplace system data to the platform within minutes.


Apply access controls and data thresholds to protect employee privacy.


Filter your workplace analytics to pinpoint opportunities for change.

Google Workspace Insights