Now is your opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead in the hybrid future of work.

There are a lot of unknowns, and the disruption is only set to continue. How ready is your organisation for change, and how effective is your hybrid working strategy?

Temporall’s Hybrid Working Assessment is here to help you get ahead and stay ahead in the hybrid future.

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There is no one-size fits all.

What works for one organisation, won’t necessarily work for yours. What works for one person may not work for you. The options are endless.

Hybrid Working Assessment

Work with us today to get ahead and start ahead in the hybrid future. The Hybrid Working Assessment streams have been built by our team of behavioural and organisational scientists who are on hand to help your organisation be the best it can be.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to rethink work, and how it happens.

Rethinking work

The return to the workplace is a chance to create a new, more effective operating model that works for your organisation and people as they navigate a world of increasing uncertainty. It’s time to experiment, analyse, respond and repeat.

Connection is Key

Whether online or offline, the connection between people and teams is central to the way work gets done in the contemporary organisation. Relational and Organisational Network Analysis must therefore be a central part of your assessment – going beyond just what people say, but how they act and work together too.

Aligned culture and company mindset

After over a year of remote working, virtual systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Workplace from Facebook have become the critical hubs of activity. This will continue in a hybrid world, so understanding your digital and in-office culture is essential – as is keeping everyone on the same page.

Adaptability and responsiveness

Getting ahead and staying ahead will call for a highly-responsive approach, driven by real-time data analytics. You must be ready to respond to the changing needs of your organisation, which demands investment into your situational awareness and a real-time understanding of the true impact of your policies.

Building resilience

Adaptability has been crucial, and will continue to be in your hybrid strategy. But this can take its toll on your employees. The constant feeling of having to over-perform in order to impress leadership, while navigating the challenges of changing relationships in virtual and in-person situations can be exhausting, so wellbeing and resilience is essential.

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We have tailor-made solutions to meet you exactly where you are.

How ready is your organisation to return to the office?

Our team of behavioural scientists help you understand the way your employees feel, how they work most effectively, and how to avoid unwanted attrition.

How effective is your hybrid working strategy?

Connect your workplace communication and collaboration tools to our platform, and work with our team of experts, to design a highly-responsive hybrid working strategy.

Meet the team on-hand to help you

Advanced, real-time analytics are the big differentiator in the changing world we live in.

Our technology and ongoing research helps bring these world-leading insights to teams across the world, regardless of their size.

Laurie Parma
Head of Labs

Neuropsychologist by training, Laurie spent 3 years at the University of Cambridge, where she researched behavioural science and well-being. She now applies interdisciplinary methods to solve complex organisational problems.

Elen Davies
Director of Services

Elen specialises in helping individuals and groups shift how they think and behave. She brings more than 15 years of senior level consulting and Board level experience to her role as Temporall’s Director of Services.

Mellissa Nassimiha
Senior Data Analyst

With an academic background in Organisational and Social Psychology, and a passion for developing solutions to the world’s contemporary organisational challenges, Melissa is a critical advisor for our clients and partner organisations.

Olivia Palengat
Data Analyst

Olivia is our resident Organisational Network Analysis expert. She draws upon her experience at Temporall and an academic background in Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology to help solve new and complex problems.


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