Measure the impact of Google Workspace on your organisation and employees.

Temporall delivers continuous data-driven insights on the adoption, usage and impact of Google Workspace. Extract maximum value from your Google Workspace investment.

Google Workspace is hive of working activity. It’s where work gets done and collaboration occurs – wherever and whenever your teams work.

But it’s often used alongside a whole suite of tools – Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, Teams and more.

The result can quickly become a hectic digital workplace, with employees inundated by emails, messages, meetings, and alerts. So processes slow down, focus time fast becomes a myth, and the employee experience worsens.

Gain clarity amongst the chaos

Understand how collaboration happens

Google Workspace is designed to be a hub of collaboration – whenever and wherever your teams work.


Use network mapping to understand how your teams work together. With company-wide, department, and team-level views, plus hundreds of filers, dive into where and how collaboration fosters innovation and greater productivity.

Tackle communication overload

On average, working days are getting longer. Many teams are having more frequent and longer meetings, and taking an always-on approach to communication. But this can have negative effects on the employee experience.


Understand how effectively teams use their messaging and communication tools, and the impact of work overload.

Find out why your winners are winning

There are some teams that perform better than others. You already know who these Sales, Engineering or Product teams are. Yet understanding why they deliver results better can be difficult to measure beyond subjective or colloquial ideas.


Get an objective view of your organisation. Learn how great work happens, highlight winning working patterns and combining this data with performance metrics from CRM, and Work Management tools.

Evaluate your hybrid workplace strategy

Analyse the impact of in-office, hybrid and remote work. Uncover the differences in collaboration and communications patterns, highlight silos, understand how different teams feel, measure team effectiveness, and more.


Combine Google Workspace analytics with insights from your other workplace tools. And be more intentional designing where and how work should happen.

Discover the value of Gmail vs. other messaging tools

You’ve made the decision to use Gmail. But some of the organization may communicate on Slack, Chat or your other messaging tools. This can create information silos and put barriers in the way of collaboration.


Measure the impact of Gmail vs. your other tools on communication patterns, employee experience, and how work gets done.

How does it work?

Connect Google Workspace to our centralised workplace analytics platform and sync your employee data via your user directory service, within minutes.

Temporall’s privacy-minded approach combines data from your workplace systems: collaboration, CRM and work management tools, to bring you a centralised, 360° view of your workplace.

Google Workspace connector

Yes. Your data privacy is our top priority.

Our analytics platform is designed to deliver valuable and actionable insights without compromising the privacy of your employees.

You are in control of what is analysed, who can access the platform and what they see.

Using your Google Workspace data, we deliver insights into the adoption, usage and impact of Google Workspace.

The data is read by our platform, analyzed to extract its metadata, before the original data is deleted and the derived data is stored in our system.

Our platform then uses this data to deliver insights for you to access.

It all depends on how big your organisation is. But most clients start to get insights within a few hours.

Once the connection between our platform and your workplace tools is made, data is continuously analysed and you can see updates in real-time.

A single unified analytics platform for Google Workspace, Slack, Office 365 and more

ISO 27001 certified

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