Diversity of thought means diversity of innovation

I attribute a large part of my success as Sales Director for a number of software companies to my ability to act as the glue between my clients, colleagues and my company’s management, especially when the process wasn’t going well.

I was unusual in welcoming ‘Diversity of Thought’, in being open to other people’s opinions and always keen to see what was on the horizon – “better I know early” was my mantra. I have always thought versatility was a key feature of a successful organisation, and still do.

I endeavoured to form a complete solution that worked for everyone, especially the client, and one that everyone could endorse. It struck me that encouraging diversity of thought led to more compelling and creative solutions being developed.

In essence, by really listening to people’s ideas that were often borne out of their varying backgrounds, we were able to create more innovative client-driven solutions. This was ultimately more profitable to us, as we ended up with a loyal and happy customer.

Temporall has at its heart an ethos that encompasses diversity of thought, ethics and transparency. We work with our clients to develop a more inclusive and acknowledged workforce that feel it has been listened to, in turn providing companies with tailored “customer journeys.”

Ultimately, the key to this diversity of thought is to listen: to your clients, to the market, to your own experts and also to the people that might disagree. Through the confluence of ideas comes evolution, and Temporall’s Culture byDesign very much puts this philosophy into practice – because it has exactly the right kind of people to act as the glue that ensures change will stick.