Digital Transformation
Looking to become a true digital enterprise?
The pressure for leaders to deliver sustained organisational performance, to innovate and adapt in the face of a highly dynamic competitive environment has never been so high.

If your strategy is to become a digital enterprise and to take advantage of the digital economy you need to know where to invest the time and effort, and to know what business and technical capabilities are needed across your organisation.

Yet despite the stakes being so high 70% of digital transformation projects continue to fail, what role does people, culture and organisational DNA play in that?

Become the digital enterprise of tomorrow, today.
Utilise Workbench to generate deep and meaningful insights about the digital maturity of your organisation, identify where to focus efforts for improvement and hot spots of existing strengths, and continuously measure and track the success of your key initiatives.

From the ‘Big Picture’ to ‘Barriers to Growth’ uncover the organisational insights you need to help you deliver business performance, embed a digital mindset, and create alignment across your company.

Be it your mastery of data and analytics, how much to invest in digital skills and professional development, how collaborative you are, or which core processes to focus on to improve operational efficiency? Workbench joins the dots to give a connected view for you need to make better, more informed decisions.

People are vital

71% of C-Suite and Leadership cite that the workforce is extremely important in supporting the digital transformation strategy and cannot be done in a siloed way.

People first
Thirty-nine percent of organisations are effective at inspiring employees to ongoing transformation. Putting people first improved the engagement and excitement for change. People need to see a clear vision of the future and their role in creating it.
Sixteen percent said that their organisations’ digital transformations have successfully improved performance and also equipped them to sustain changes in the long term. 
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