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Improve your digital strategy with Workbench
The world of work is constantly changing. We exist in the digital age where Artificial Intelligence, automation and remote work are becoming the norm across a host of industries and the relationship between people and technology continues to grow ever-closer. While some jobs may be lost, and others created, almost all will evolve and leaders must be prepared for this changing environment. Workbench provides leaders with the insight to develop a clear strategy that encompasses not only the technical adaptations necessary for growth but the social, cultural and skills-based adjustments to match.

Improve your productivity

Successful digital transformation projects can rapidly boost productivity by allowing for remote working, greater collaboration, better organisation and networking.

Enhance your digital literacy

For a transformation to be meaningful, your employees must be able to understand and utilise the technology at the heart of your digital strategy.

Optimise the use of technology tools and data

Businesses are collating more data than ever before – if used well, you can vastly improve your organisational performance with greater efficiency and clarity.

As business moves faster and becomes more digitised. I believe that the organisational intelligence Temporall provides is important in changing the way organisations are run. This pandemic crisis has now had a profound impact in accelerating this need.”

Professor Julian Birkinshaw

London Business School

How does it work?
If you understand how work gets done within your organisation today, you can identify how to adapt and improve it tomorrow. Our organisational intelligence platform Workbench collects and analyses structured and unstructured data – giving you the insights needed to drive improvements in your organisational performance.
Workbench applies A.I. techniques and data analytics to data from across systems and your workforce. It makes clear where your organisation needs to adapt, which elements you should prioritise and how to get started.

Workbench outputs

Workbench helps you make sense of digital transformation and what it means to your business. Powered by data discovery from across your company, and delivered through rich visualisation, you can quickly and effectively prioritise within your digital strategy.
Workbench analyses your data to produce three key real-time outputs to aid your decision making: Reports, Dashboards, and APIs. These ensure you maximise the value of your digital investments, align them to your corporate culture and create a lasting impact on your performance.
15% of firms digital technologies entirely embedded in more than half of all their businesses
By 2030, the time spent using advanced technological skills will increase by 41% in Europe

McKinsey, 2018

Only 7% of companies have fully implemented their digital approach

Clickz, 2019

Temporall provides decision makers with the organisational intelligence they need to gain value from a more successful digital transformation strategy.

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Get greater insight into your current strategy’s impact on your company performance and learn how to improve your planning for the future


Understand how well your organisational culture is supporting your strategy and how improving it can drive high performance


Establish a culture that encourages innovation and map the next steps for investing in the future


Identify the key risks to meeting your objectives and understand how your organisational culture can help mitigate them


Recognise how your current digital strategy is impacting your performance and how changing it can drive greater results


Gain clarity on how your organisation can improve its resilience to uncertainty and how you can best prepare for the future



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