Culture Diagnostics
Is your company culture aligned and driving performance?
Company culture has become a key topic for the C-Suite. Be it value creation, protecting existing shareholder value or winning the war on talent, culture is now a strategic pillar that is top of mind for the board.
To compete, to differentiate and deliver performance impact a company’s culture needs to be aligned. Having a deep situational awareness of the existing cultural state is now critical.

Quickly diagnose your relative strengths, your shortcomings, and execute cultural transformation.

Identify where your company is aligned
Using Workbench, Temporall’s organisational intelligence platform, surface critical culture insights – a detailed diagnosis of company values, purpose, behaviours and processes.

Utilise Temporall’s industry-leading Organisational Index or third-party Culture frameworks from our Premium Partners. These frameworks allow you to generate Culture Maturity or Assessment Reports.

Produce detailed culture analysis, comparative and compatibility reports between two companies or business units, and deliver key recommendations to execute upon.

Who owns culture?

Less than 5% of respondents of Temporall’s primary research into company culture self-described their company culture as being owned by everyone.

Cultural mismatch

Thirty-eight percent of revenue lost year over year by the buying company when there is a large cultural mismatch.

Efficiency risk
Twenty-four percent of employees are actively disengaged. Learn how to measure and activate your workforce for a high productive digital culture.
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