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Clarify your workplace culture with Workbench
Companies with great cultures outperform their competitors. But despite its significance, many leaders don’t know how to measure or track organisational culture. It doesn’t sit on their leadership team agenda – until a crisis occurs. Workbench helps companies achieve a high performing culture using data and insight that allows leaders to continuously monitor, assess and adjust how strategy is being executed across the organisation.

Align with strategy

Align company culture with strategic goals, ensure it is owned and lived at all levels of the organisation and communicate this vision in an inspirational manner.

Understand where to focus

Use Workbench to identify the mindsets, behaviours and processes that are helping drive performance as well as those inhibiting it. Analysis of data from employees and systems means you can identify actions that will have the greatest impact.

Identify key workplace influencers

Understand who your organisation’s culture champions and influencers are and build a clear picture of your informal networks to see how work gets done most effectively.
Using Workbench this year, has given us exceptional awareness of the organisational culture and where and how we have needed to improve to support our strategic goals.
Head of HR, APAC

Connie Poshala, Blue Prism

How does it work?
Temporall brings together a powerful combination of advanced analytics and an understanding of human behaviours to deliver a measurable impact on performance. Our organisational intelligence platform Workbench collects and analyses structured and unstructured data – showing how work gets done most effectively and driving improvements in your organisational performance.
To uncover the behaviours and processes that improve performance, Workbench applies A.I. techniques and data analytics to your company’s data across multiple sources. High value insights and recommendations allow you to track changes across key performance indicators and develop an organisational culture that increases performance.

Workbench outputs

Workbench lets you manage key indicators such as alignment to values, effectiveness of management and ability of teams to complete key tasks – all through rich visualisation and discovery of data from across your company. Our platform brings you the clarity to help evaluate where you are and what you need to do next, brought into context by information contributed by your teams and key enterprise systems.
Workbench analyses your data to produce three key real-time outputs to aid your decision making: Reports, Dashboards, and APIs.
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68% of CEOs believe their companies are empathetic, compared to 48% of employees
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Only 19% of executives believe that their organisation has the ‘right’ culture

Deloitte, 2016

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94% of employees would stay in their current role longer if they felt the organisation invested in their professional development

LinkedIn, 2018

Temporall helps decision makers gain clarity on the behaviours and processes that drive performance and understand where to focus their efforts

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