Culture Analytics

Continuously measure your organisational health and workplace culture

The vital role that culture plays in organisations has never been so widely debated. Culture plays a critical role in both the creation and rapid destruction of company value, as well as being identified as the biggest barrier to digital transformation over the past decade.

For Boards across the world culture is now a critical organisational element that needs to be mastered, to help them compete, to differentiate and to deliver sustained business performance.

Unlike employee engagement tools, Culture Analytics helps you continuously measure your organisational health and workplace culture.

Temporall’s industry-leading Organisational Index, and Manager Index are hosted on Workbench, these frameworks allow you to quickly diagnose your relative strengths and shortcomings in key areas across your company such as digital, innovation, leadership, compliance, or how well developed your diversity & inclusion efforts have been embedded.

By continually collecting information, we create a deep insights loop which supports both better C-suite decision-making and engages your entire organisation.
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Efficiency Risk

Twenty four percent of employees are actively disengaged. Learn how to measure and activate your workforce for a high productive digital culture.

A Productive Workforce

The increase in productivity in employees who can classify themselves as happy. A happy culture, is a productive culture.

Increased Revenue

Increase in earnings growth in organisations with high-level engagement.