Connect data from your critical workplace systems.

Connect, configure and visualise data from your workplace tools, productivity applications, work management systems and employees in one place, to get a multi-dimensional view of your hybrid workplace.

Collabration tools

Workbench integrates with the world’s most popular collaboration tools. Connect Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams and Workplace Meta to our centralised AI-driven platform to get unrivalled analytics and insights.
  • Dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost of workplace analytics, with our rapid set-up and activation process
  • Apply enterprise controls to suit your specific needs, including user access permissions, anonymisation, and privacy management
  • Harness pre-built dashboards and organisational network analysis to support data-driven decision making
  • Visualise cross-functional collaboration patterns using proprietary AI network analysis


Microsoft Teams
Google Workspace
from Meta
CRM tools
Combine data from multiple sources into a single view. When you’re tackling the dilemmas posed by hybrid working, the ability to combine data from workplace tools and CRM records provides a depth of insight previously unavailable.
  • Utilise Workbench’s data schema to integrate CRM records into the platform’s intelligence panel for automated multi-data insights
  • Benefit from compound analytics and a multidimensional perspective on how work gets done and the business performance impact
  • Identify trends such as the correlation between company integration, ramp time and performance, to generate critical insights into sales performance


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Work management tools

Workbench connects to your work management tools, by being able to combine data from multiple sources, for example Slack and Salesforce. This compound analytics capability delivers unrivalled insights into how work is done as well as the business impact it has.

Whether it’s using work management tools to help teams organise, track and manage their work or more specialised software for teams to ideate, design and ship products, we have you covered. Workbench connects to your work management tools and delivers compound insights using a combination of data sources.

  • Integrate work management records into the intelligence panel for automated multi-data insights
  • Combine the leading indicators of hybrid work such as connection and integration patterns with the lagging indicator of team throughput and performance
  • Understand the factors that correlate to high-performing teams and intentionally design optimal project team structure and make-up


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Employee engagement
Workbench can integrate with leading employee engagement products, including Culture Amp, Lattice, Peakon and Glint, and survey tools such as Qualtrics, Survey Monkey and Google Forms.
  • Use existing employee engagement metrics (quantitative scores, engagement rates, eNPS etc.) and combine this with collaboration data
  • Measure the impact of connection and collaboration on employee engagement metrics
  • Combine engagement data with other enterprise data to get a 360° view of your organisation
  • Turn your existing engagement tools into a source of more strategic insight within days


Culture Amp



Google Forms

Survey Monkey

User and access management
There are multiple options available for user and access management on Workbench, we meet you where you are.
  • Choose from Azure AD, Local AD, .CSV, or Google Apps Directory to sync your company user directory
  • Configure company demographics for advanced filtering
  • Customise your permission management to enable granular access management - you control who manages and accesses Workbench


Azure Local


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Sync spreadsheets and Workbench via CSV to save time and avoid errors due to data handling.

Google Sheets


Looking for something different?
No problem, we can build an integration to meet your specific needs.

Get a multi-dimensional view of your workplace.