The Connected Enterprise:
How to Get Ahead in the New Era

Thursday 14th October 2021

12:30 – 13:30 (BST) Virtual Event

About the event

Economies, societies, and industries have been disrupted, and the future is unpredictable and fast changing. Connection is the competitive advantage that will see high performance companies get ahead and stay ahead in the new era.

We’ll be discussing the critical nature of Organisational Intelligence in fostering connection, a concept that international business analyst IDC says: “brings clarity in real-time across an organisation so that leaders can make timely informed choices in a fast changing, complex environment.”




High Value Organisational Insights

The connectedness of a company is a critical operating process that needs to be designed, measured and managed. Those companies that do it well, will get ahead and stay ahead.

Angela Salmeron, Future of Work Lead, IDC


Melissa Nassimiha
Senior Analyst, Temporall
Matt Baker
CPO, Astound Commerce
Elen Davies
Director of Services, Temporall
Professor Julian Birkinshaw
London School of Business
Neal Riley
CIO, Adaptavist
Thomas Davies
CEO & Founder, Temporall
Jazz Hanley
Sales Director, Temporall

Powering Data Strategy

Temporall’s Organisational Intelligence platform Workbench is a core component of our data strategy to deliver continuous high-value organisational insights.

Matt Barker, Chief People Officer, Astound Commerce


Thursday 14th October

12:30 – 13:30 (BST) Virtual Event

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“I was blown away by the visibility Temporall gave our organisation into the adoption of our key collaboration platforms, the experience of our employees, and the guidance as to where best to invest our time and resources into improving the employee experience.”

Neal Riley CTO, Adaptavist