Connect to reach your full potential

I have spent the last 20 years using communications and coaching to effect a shift in people’s behaviours and to catalyse culture change. In my experience innovative organisations have their roots in cultures of high engagement.

The companies that get it right are the ones who want to connect – with customers, partners and their people – and who ensure their employees are performing to the very best of their potential.

All too often, organisations claim a people focused approach but the employee engagement and retention levels tell a different story.

Time and again I see leaders focused on the ‘what’ of strategy development without focusing on the ‘how’ of people engagement and mobilisation. To be successful, leaders need to pay as much attention to ‘how’ they will engage and mobilise people as to ‘what’ will be transformed in the organisation. With culture change, the message is in the method.

Temporall’s humanistic approach and its forward-thinking Culture byDesign framework provides a refreshing change of perspective. By placing importance on the way a company interacts with and motivates its people, Temporall’s ethos is one I wholeheartedly embrace.

I am delighted to be joining the team and together we will be passionate about helping our clients develop cultures of innovation that are adaptive and resilient enough to sustain success over the long term.