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Understand your organisational risk with Workbench
In rapidly changing business landscapes, risk is always present. So it’s essential for companies to evaluate the internal factors that may catalyse problems, such as their organisational culture. Workbench provides leaders with unparalleled organisational intelligence, which enables you to understand your current performance, build sustainable business practices and align values throughout the organisation for commercial success.

Meet regulatory expectations

To successfully meet regulatory expectations, you need a culture that backs up your commitment to compliance and risk management.

Assess your workplace culture

Improve compliance and minimise risk by measuring and tracking your cultural landscape and embedding the right processes to drive an aligned performance.

Avoid reputational damage

Use Workbench’s organisational intelligence to help proactively manage potential areas of reputational exposure within your business.

As business moves faster and becomes more digitised. I believe that the organisational intelligence Temporall provides is important in changing the way organisations are run. This pandemic crisis has now had a profound impact in accelerating this need.”


Juilan Birkinshaw, London Business School

How does it work?
We build our organisational intelligence platform, Workbench, after years working in businesses with exceptional risk management track records. Workbench collects and analyses structured and unstructured data to reveal key insights in compliance and risk.
Using both A.I. techniques and data analytics, the platform delivers a continuous and aggregated understanding of a company’s data across multiple sources. The clarity this brings ensures that your risk management strategy is effective, can rapidly evolve, and delivers most value to the organisation.

Workbench outputs

Workbench provides rich visualisation and discovery of data from across your company. Our platform brings you the clarity to help evaluate where you are and what you need to do next, brought into context by information contributed by your teams and key enterprise systems.
Workbench analyses your data to produce three key real-time outputs to aid your decision making: Reports, Dashboards, and APIs.
25% of firms have turned down a potentially profitable business opportunity due to culture or conduct risk concerns

Refinitiv, 2018

68% of CEOs believe their companies are empathetic, compared to 48% of employees
51% of the US workforce are indifferent and neither like nor dislike their job – they represent a risk

Gallup, 2017

Temporall helps decision makers exercise their organisational intelligence, allowing them to better understand the complexities of their performance and mitigate risk

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Get greater insight into your current strategy’s impact on your company performance and learn how to improve your planning for the future


Understand how well your organisational culture is supporting your strategy and how improving it can drive high performance


Establish a culture that encourages innovation and map the next steps for investing in the future


Identify the key risks to meeting your objectives and understand how your organisational culture can help mitigate them


Recognise how your current digital strategy is impacting your performance and how changing it can drive greater results


Gain clarity on how your organisation can improve its resilience to uncertainty and how you can best prepare for the future



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