Measure the impact of your messaging and internal communications with world-leading analytics for your workplace tools.
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Inadequate communication can cost today’s organisations up to $64m a year
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More collaborative, hybrid organisations outperform their industry peers by up to 72% in innovation
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Employees who feel included in more detailed communication are 5x more likely to report increased productivity
Supercharge your communications
Assess the impact of leadership communications
Measure your company’s response to communication efforts and change. Highlight key themes such as purpose, vision and strategy, and understand how aligned your company is around them.
Track the adoption, use and impact of digital communication tools
Harness world-leading analytics for your workplace tools. Gather advanced metrics to understand the tools that help you get ahead and stay ahead.
Understand how transmission occurs
Map the high-impact communication channels that get work done, wherever your teams are based. Uncover the real impact this has on your company over-time.

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