Changing company culture needs the input of an entire business

Many advisory companies help their clients with strategy, and many others tackle the people issues around culture and engagement. Thomas’s view, which I support wholeheartedly, is that changing the culture of a company enables the development of a new strategy.

If you want to succeed in today’s fast-changing world, you cannot afford to bet your future on the bright ideas of a handful of key people at the top; you need to tap into the insights and energy of the entire organisation. This is very much a part of the humanistic approach that Temporall embraces.

In addition, its unique Culture byDesign policy echoes many of the practices I have been analysing and discussing for many years in my books, including Fast/Forward (2017), Becoming a Better Boss (2013), Reinventing Management (2010), and Giant Steps in Management (2007).

I have spent my career observing and advising companies on the challenges of strategic agility and transformation, so working with Thomas and this team feels a natural fit for me – it is an area I am passionate about, and Temporall is offering a progressive and exciting new angle.

Today, with digital disruption on everyone’s agenda, these challenges are bigger than ever. I am excited to bring my experience and depth of insight to the exciting mission that Temporall has set out.