Here’s what you are getting wrong about hybrid working

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the traditions and norms of work, which had been largely unquestioned for decades. Now, hybrid working is being hailed as the new era. The part time office and part time remote model is set to dominate the working world, with an overwhelming majority (82%) of leaders planning to allow their employees […]

Hybrid Workplace Analytics: What is it and why do you need it?

The office vs. remote debate is over. There’s no denying it’s now all about hybrid work. Debates surrounding the physicality of knowledge work have been the primary concern for leadership teams and employees for the last two years. “When are you going back to the office?” was the question everyone was asking. While some feared […]

3 Forces That Will Impact Company Performance in the Decade Ahead

Temporall Founder and CEO, Thomas Davies, explores macro trends that will impact your company performance in the next 10 years. The last two years have been like no other I’ve ever experienced. While it’s clear that we continue to look forward to another year of market, political and economic headwinds, Covid-uncertainty seems to be waning. […]

How to make collaboration your superpower in 2022

Workplace collaboration tools are booming. In fact, you’ve probably got one open on your phone or laptop as you’re reading this. Microsoft Teams usage sat at 145 million daily active users in October 2021, while it is reported that close competitor Slack is used by 43% of Fortune 100 businesses, and Workplace from Meta has […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Declarative Data vs. Behavioural Data

After over a year of remote-first hybrid working, the world of work continues to evolve. Today, everything happens in your collaboration and communication platforms. They are the digital HQ, but decision makers are grappling with how to understand their true value for employees, impact on collaboration and business outcomes, and how to move forward. The […]

The Pingdemic: Consequences of an Unoptimised Digital HQ

The future of work is here… again. It never left and it’s never going to leave. The future will always be in the present (it’s a strange concept to acknowledge). In the last 18 months, the speed and size of change was uniquely dramatic, but we all know that. For us at Temporall, and for […]

5 Key Learnings From Temporall’s The Connected Enterprise Event

Last Thursday (14 October 2021), we hosted our biggest event yet. During the one-of-a-kind, live, hybrid event speakers shared critical insight into the future of work and the event marked the launch of our IDC spotlight report. Temporall was joined by some of our most valued clients and partners, plus industry thought leaders to explore […]

The benefits of choosing a Temporall Partner

Temporall is building a global ecosystem of consultancies and resellers that use Workbench to bring unparalleled organisational insights to clients. Temporall Partners are able to introduce a new method of data collection and frame for analysis. They benefit from a real-time, highly accurate, and visually compelling set of insights. Clients simply cannot access these from […]

Safety at work goes far beyond the physical measures

Many leaders have implemented new policies around social distancing, mask wearing, vaccinations and desk booking for the hybrid future. But one area is being seriously overlooked: psychological safety. Employees all over the world, working in different industries and positions, have been exposed to varying degrees of stress over the last 18 months. Just 26% of […]