Workbench B2B
Workbench, as a fully hosted solution for B2B Partners

Extend your client offerings and monetisation opportunities by combining existing IP and delivery capabilities with Temporall’s Organisational Intelligence platform, Workbench. Provide leadership teams with the intelligence to deliver significant performance impact.

“With Workbench we’ve been able to uncover insights and make recommendations that have been critical to helping our clients understand how they’re set up to achieve their business goals”
“We selected Temporall as our partner because of their expertise in delivering organisational insights on a continuous basis and the extensive functionality of Workbench.”


Transform your tools to digital products
Move your existing frameworks or create new ones and host them on Workbench. Transform culture, digital, innovation, diversity or leadership frameworks from analogue tools to digital products.
  • Transform your existing IP into modern digital products
  • Provide a digital client experience for data gathering
  • Surface critical insights based on your IP and extended with Workbench

Digitally transform your frameworks and IP


Fully hosted on Temporall’s Workbench
You’ll get the same industry leading platform that we use ourselves but with your own framework, all powered by Temporall. On-board and directly manage your clients on Workbench with your B2B offering.
  • We host your frameworks (indexes / quotients etc) on Workbench
  • You manage your clients, from pre-sales to post-sales
  • Temporall manages the maintenance and upgrades, so you don’t have to
Workbench, Enterprise Cloud-based insights platform


From project to always-on managed service
Workbench gathers continuous insight (both structured and unstructured data) from across an organisation. Enrich and extend existing discovery, tooling and diagnostics with Workbench’s rich insights platform.
  • Continuous data gathering at speed, extend your framework’s value
  • Diversify from fixed price and time and materials to ‘managed services’
  • Post insights implementation services delivered by you
Benefit from recurring revenue and downstream services


Generate precision insights and revenue opportunities
Utilise Temporall as a marketplace to promote your extended proposition, add client ratings, quotes, and reviews to gallery listing to help with client acquisition and industry awareness (coming soon).
  • Generate additional sales opportunities to license your Framework
  • Deliver project and / or fully managed services
  • Sales enablement, training and support in how to sell
Increased sales, continuous client engagement
Frequently asked questions
What is your B2B offering at Temporall?

Workbench can be utilised by third parties to digitise, host, monetise and manage their IP and clients directly on our platform on a continuous basis.

What IP or tools can be used on Workbench?
Transform existing tools or build new frameworks, indexes, assessments, quotients, and audits into a digital product proposition and client experience, we have Digital, Innovation, Culture, Strategy frameworks for example hosted on Workbench by our B2B clients.
What does it mean to have a hosted solution?

Workbench is a Cloud-based Enterprise technology platform. B2B clients’ frameworks can be imported and then managed directly by you. As data can be gathered as ‘always on’ then many of our B2B clients contract their clients under a Managed Service agreement.

What other data sources can we use?

Our philosophy is to meet users where they love to work. We include our own native App (iOS & Android), Slack, Workplace, GSuite and Microsoft Teams Bots to make the data gathering more dynamic and personalised, on the go insights.

What about data that sits in third party systems?

We call this system signals. We have integration partners who can build secure connections to third party target systems to allow for this use case.

Is it gathered safely and securely?

Yes, Workbench is an Enterprise software platform, utilises end-to-end encryption, has a full privacy policy, and is GDPR compliant.

What is the Licensing for Workbench for B2B usage?
Our Licensing model has two elements, an annual OEM agreement for use of the platform and a per user License, this is under a revenue share model based on end-user access and consumption.
Can I manage my own clients on Workbench?
Yes. You can set-up and fully administer your clients on Workbench. End-user (client) billing needs to be offline and is not included in the platform at this time.

Manage your clients directly on Workbench. Be in total control over how you deliver your new as-a-service offering and add value to your customers. Focus on what really matters, expanding your business in this digital world.

Expand your business and digital client offerings

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