STEM’s gender problem

Data Analyst and recent Chemistry graduate Miriam Davies dives into her experience as a young woman in STEM – and her unique experience in Temporall’s Labs team. The gender gap shows the systemic discrimination against women in our society. From women working longer hours due to unpaid labour, to the fact that we are 47% […]

Beat your bias: the science of leadership

It is impossible to change who someone is, but Behavioural Science makes it surprisingly easy and efficient to change what someone does. Data Analyst Melissa Nassimiha, explores the science behind your bias. Think about your organisation. How do you visualise it? You’re probably thinking about a group of people categorised by the different departments they […]

The most common misconception about organisational culture

Head of Labs Laurie Parma breaks down why the most common definition of your company culture sets you off on the wrong foot. Culture is hard to define. As a result, it is unsurprising that the shortest and most open way to define it (and avoid any debate) has spread most widely. Most people therefore […]