Agile Engineering

Are you behaving like a digital native?
For many companies, building an internal engineering team supported by a new breed of collaborative partners, is a key part of a digital transformation in order to deliver rapid value to customers or increase efficiency with critical internal processes with technologies.

Whether building out a small co-located team or developing a more distributed engineering capability across the globe, many companies struggle with knowing how their “agile transformation” is performing. And with 70% of digital transformation projects continuing to fail due to the lack of insights.

Companies face many challenges including developing high-performance teams, tackling legacy technical debt and agile governance through to organisational level communication, leadership and cultural issues. Becoming a truly digital enterprise with an effective agile engineering capability can be a considerable challenge.

Gather deep insights in order to continuously evolve your agile engineering capabilities

Workbench delivers real-time data on your agility and maturity in order for your product teams, senior leadership and C-suite to make adjustments.

Whether you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your agile teams or benchmark engineering capabilities across offices or geographies, Workbench will give you the data and insights to measure and continuously improve your agile maturity.

We focus on a number of key components of a highly effective agile engineering team including:

  • Creating a high-performing team culture
  • Balancing agility with appropriate governance
  • Using data to drive efficacy of output
  • Culture and leadership required for organisational agility and innovation
James Cannings - Founder
The Agile Maturity Index on Workbench+ enables our clients to derive valuable insights from real-time data about their engineering team for the very first time. From driving a culture of high-performing teams, understanding key technical, quality or governance blockers as well as analysing top-down support or communication silos that might be causing issues with organisational agility and innovation, Workbench+ empowers organisations to take their agile teams to the next level, and maximise the benefits of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

When Forbes interviewed more than 500 senior executives from around the world an incredible 84 percent agreed that “organisational agility” is essential to achieve a successful digital transformation.

Break down silos

54 percent of companies surveyed in a recent study confirmed that agile was critical to help foster collaboration between departments that do not actually work together.


Drive Innovation

Harvard Business Review came to the conclusion that innovation cycles can be compressed by more than 75 percent using agile methodologies.

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