Adaptavist Joins the Temporall Partner Ecosystem


Experts in Digital Transformation, Adaptavist, have become the latest members of Temporall’s global partner ecosystem.

Adaptavist is a global technology solutions company, helping organisations to embrace new ways of working and achieve a seamless experience across leading technology ecosystems, including Atlassian, Amazon Web Services, Slack, Cloudbees, and GitLab. It’s 400+ global team supplies innovative apps and services to the enterprise, promoting modern iterative approaches across development, deployment, and application lifecycle practices.

The new partnership with Temporall sees Adaptavist expand their Slack expertise and with the addition of Temporall’s Workbench solution, diversify their offering to clients. As part of the agreement, Adaptavist will use Temporall’s Organisational Intelligence platform, Workbench, to help clients unlock the value, utilisation and true power of the Slack platform across their organisation.

Carefully tailored to match business requirements and existing infrastructure, Adaptavist currently provides clients with quick launch services for Slack and now – with Temporall, it will be able to help clients assess Slack performance more effectively, embed continuous improvements, and deliver the best employee experience possible.

Neal Riley, Chief Information Officer at Adaptavist says:

In today’s virtual workplace, employee experience is everything. Best-in-class tooling like Slack is enabling teams to collaborate in ways only imagined before. But, to tap into what really drives engagement —the right data is vital. Thanks to our exciting new partnership with Temporall, we are thrilled to offer clients the combined power of Slack and Workbench —Temporall’s leading organisational intelligence platform — to build a better understanding of their organisation and take their employee engagement to new heights.

Being both a valued client and partner of Temporall, Adaptavist has first-hand knowledge of the invaluable insights Workbench offers modern organizations “…As a CIO, I was blown away by the visibility Workbench gave our organisation into the adoption of our key collaboration platforms, the experience of our employees, and the guidance as to where best to invest our time and resources into improving the employee experience.

Thomas Davies, Founder and CEO at Temporall adds:

Adaptavist is an exceptional partner for Temporall. We’re delighted to welcome them to the ecosystem and work together to bring greater value to Slack users. Our Slack analytics are the most advanced on the market and when combined with the expertise of the Adaptavist team, will be an extremely beneficial addition to any Slack user.

Adaptavist joins Temporall for The Connected Enterprise: How to Get Ahead in the New Era on 14 October at 12:30 (BST), to discuss the power of the connected enterprise and critical nature of Organisational Intelligence – a concept that international business analyst IDC says: “brings clarity in real-time across an organization so that leaders can make timely informed choices in a fast changing, complex environment.”

Register here for the event and early access to the IDC report.

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