Introducing NextNovate to the Temporall Partner ecosystem

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Company, Partner, Product

NextNovate is built on the simple idea that work should be fun. Because when work is enjoyable, employees’ overall productivity, efficiency and well-being increases – and this means that there’s more time to spend on growth opportunities and innovation. It’s a refreshing ethos that massively resonates with us at Temporall.

Focusing on human-centred change and technology implementation, NextNovate’s goal is to co-design a digital workplace and experience that functions the way that their clients do – harmonising people, process and technology. They help organisations boost digital agility, employee engagement, productivity and empower employee-led innovation. With vast experience working across the globe at organisations of different cultures, helping both corporate and enterprise customers, NextNovate works to shape the best working experience relative to their clients. 

Bart Zuidgeest, Founder and CEO of NextNovate says:

At NextNovate we co-design digital work environments that work like you do: we help build experiences that allow employees to connect, communicate and collaborate effectively – while taking risk, governance and compliance very seriously.

NextNovate has joined the Temporall Partner ecosystem as a Business Partner and will benefit from Organisational Intelligence.

Digital change starts with understanding your current communication flows, processes, organisational culture and connections between people. NextNovate draws upon research, experience and now Workbench to gain this clarity. Our Organisational Intelligence platform Workbench will amplify NextNovate’s existing offerings with real-time, data-driven insights that will bring unrivalled clarity to clients organisations – so NextNovate can see where they are and what they should do next.

Martijn Veenstra, Sales Executive Lead of NextNovate adds:

It is all about finding the right balance between different technologies and devices, while taking different (groups of) people into account and carefully evaluating processes (no process is also a process). People and the enterprise system intelligence capabilities on Workbench will bring clarity to our clients’ organisations and help us drive real change.

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder adds:


NextNovate’s vision for designing human-centred and innovative work environments is inspiring and perfectly aligned with the way the hybrid future of work is heading. Workbench will provide NextNovate with Organisational Intelligence that will help deliver significant performance impact, and it’s fantastic to see the Temporall network extending into Europe. We are pumped to welcome NextNovate as a Business Partner.

Design the digital working environment that helps drives productivity and innovation across your organisation. Contact NextNovate for more information.

Interested in using Workbench? Contact us to learn more or to receive a demo.

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