Introducing businessfourzero and the Teams Intelligence Index

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Company, Industry, Product, Tech

businessfourzero believe that teams are the powerhouse of any successful organisation. Yet despite team dynamics being so critical to organisational effectiveness, many leaders struggle to get to grips with how to boost them, what they should measure and how to track progression.

64% of people report that they are in more than one team, and 75% report that their teams aren’t represented in their organisation chart (ADP Research Institute, 2018). These ‘hidden’ teams are hard to measure and understand, which is why most team effectiveness programmes miss the mark.

The Teams Intelligence Index (TII) will transform this.

Developed using businessfourzero’s consultancy expertise, the TII is designed to analyse the strength of teams and teaming across an organisation, identify successful and underperforming teams – and bring unparalleled clarity across 5 integral dimensions:

  • How emotionally committed teams are;
  • How effectively they work together;
  • How adaptive teams are to change;
  • How strong relationships are;
  • How teaming works across the business – the team of teams.
The businessfourzero analyst team will use the TII – hosted on Workbench – to bring leaders real-time, critical insights into their organisation that were previously inaccessible, in order to drive impactful change.

Workbench is our AI-powered platform designed to bring leaders clarity, using a critical yet vastly under-utilised asset – your organisational data. Using Machine Learning and data analytics, the platform will collect, connect and analyse data from across your organisation’s systems – such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace from Facebook – and people, using the TII to attain continuous real-time insights.

The real-time insights generated by Workbench will provide leaders with unparalleled clarity on their team landscape and the insight to drive more committed, effective, adaptive and resilient teams – and therefore a more effective organisation.

Darren Ashby, businessfourzero Client Partner says:

Every business needs to change faster than the world outside. At businessfourzero we do that by supercharging teams for change. Often our clients struggle with how to identify and decode brilliant teams, and how those teams collaborate with others to form powerful teams of teams. TII combined with our Rapid Improvement methodology will allow us to step change every team in our clients’ businesses.

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder adds:

businessfourzero are the latest organisation to join the Temporall Partner ecosystem. A company formed by industry experts, they strive to supercharge their clients’ teams and their dedication to utilising our game-changing platform to help them do so is really exciting. We’re looking forward to seeing this partnership deliver significant value for their clients!

businessfourzero is offering a 3-month license free opportunity to use the Teams Intelligence Index for up to 3 businesses who apply for the pilot within the next 3 weeks (by Friday November 20th).

To sign up, please email Conditions apply.

Interested in using Workbench? Contact Temporall to learn more or to receive a demo.

Join us at the IDC European Future of Work Summit, where we will discuss ‘What does the Future of Work means to me?’

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