We are pleased to introduce Jazz, Temporall’s newest Business Development Manager. Jazz’ exceptional knowledge of the UK startup ecosystem, technology trends and business development make him a prominent member of the team and immensely welcome during this period of rapid growth and change for Temporall.

Born and raised in Chester – but now a firmly adopted Londoner – Jazz spent over three years as Partnership and Propositions Lead at the highly-respected UK network for ambitious technology entrepreneurs Tech Nation. During his time at Tech Nation in the companies’ north of England component Tech North, he helped shape the emerging tech scene as it was starting to expand. And now Jazz is now helping shape Temporall and our growing Partner ecosystem.

The last few months at Temporall have been incredible. The vision the team has for the future of work and workforces is on point, and the ambition to define the organisational intelligence category is really invigorating. The latitude of Workbench’s application has been somewhat of a surprise for me, but compounds the need to quantify the real-time behaviours, people and the processes that feed into each binary target.

I joined Temporall because of the vision: Every leader should have the full insight they need to make a good decision, save costs and improve efficiency. It’s such a universally accepted idea that massively intrigued me when I first came across Temporall and met Thomas Davies.

Too many times I’ve experienced decision making and change management programmes at the highest level happening with only a snapshot of information. It goes without saying that these inevitably fail. This is partial insight is even more prevalent in the current climate because exec. teams can’t ‘walk the floor’ to get a feel for the culture and general vibe of their company. Temporall provides a solution to this problem and one that I can really get behind and believe in.

Our organisational intelligence platform Workbench really feels like the way organisations should work – and will work in the future. It brings unrivalled clarity to organisational performance and the way work gets done, which may sound simple enough but it allows leaders to make decisions based on a real-time, data-driven vision of their people and systems, not solely their instinct or analogue methods of the past.

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder, says:

Jazz has already made an incredible impact on the team and Temporall’s development. I’m really grateful to have another forward-thinking, creative member of our team who cares about helping leaders gain clarity in the constantly changing world of business.
Jazz is one of a select group of hires at Temporall over the last few months, including Xoogle Partner Rune Bentien and new Board Member Xen Lategan. Since his arrival, Temporall have also welcomed new data analysts and sales representatives.
Interested in learning more about Temporall? Reach out to Jazz at jazz@temporall.com.

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