Temporall announce new project stream: Orglab.

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Orglab. is a 6-week programme with our team of experts and the most exciting organisational intelligence platform on the market – Workbench.

Orglab. a 6-week organisational science and innovation lab from Temporall, is designed to help leaders uncover how work gets done best in their organisation. It brings together Workbench, our organisational intelligence platform and Labs, our organisational science team, to deliver critical high-value insights.

As distributed work continues to be the norm for many organisations, a leaders’ ability to walk the floor and get a feel for their organisation remains unviable. Instead, many leaders are relying on communication channels, virtual check-ins and monthly target meetings – and the formal structures of an organisation are heavily relied upon.

This means key information on how work gets done best is not necessarily reaching the decision-maker; rather it is lost to workplace silos, stuck in lines of business and your enterprise systems. Strategies created using this incomplete picture of your organisational performance – be it strategic planning, productivity, culture, resilience, agility or digital transformation – are less effective and lead to higher levels of risk.

With Orglab. you can gain critical, high-value and real-time insights into your whole organisation – whether you are working remotely or not. We can help you answer questions like:

  • Is my strategy right for today’s new world?
  • How collaborative are we?
  • How can I accelerate the success of critical change projects?
  • And ultimately; How does work get done?

Orglab. allows you to gather data from across your people, teams and systems to give you a clear understanding on the intricacies of how work really gets done in your organisation.

Data is a vital organisational asset – yet for many leaders, it is the least understood. Orglab. allows you to gather and interpret data from your enterprise systems, such as Slack, Teams, Workplace, Asana and GSuite, to give you clarity of your organisation and understand how your tools are used to drive performance.

With Orglab. you can use Workbench to:

  • View team connections, channels and conversational activity
  • Use advanced filtering including drill-downs and date range pickers
  • Track emerging topics, trends and organisational sentiment
  • Identify interaction patterns of your workforce and teams

Workbench, our organisational intelligence platform, has also been designed to deliver relational enterprise analytics – another delivery focus feature for Orglab.. This allows you to identify the critical relationships that exist between these tools, so you can understand what works best for your teams. Relational enterprise analytics enables an exceptional depth of visibility and understanding, all from a single unified platform.

With the Orglab. programme, you can access the A.I. techniques tools, advanced data analytics and visualisation capabilities of Workbench however the quality of this information is accentuated by human judgement. Temporall Labs is our team of data and behavioural scientists, business and data analysts, and experts in organisational development and change management who work with Orglab. users to understand their data.

Labs analyse your data, gathered from your people and systems, in the context of your strategy, goals and business challenges. The team works with decision makers to truly understand where you are now, what you need to do next and in what order. Using A.I. and data analytics at the very forefront of the industry, combined with human expertise is a unique approach to organisational analysis and Orglab. users will benefit from an executive report, high-value insights and training for a Workbench power-user.

Laurie Parma, Temporall Head of Labs, said:

In this ever-changing climate and work environment we find ourselves in, the need for leaders to have real-time, high quality insights into their organisation is huge. To help leaders understand their organisation better, and gain clarity on how work really gets done, we have designed Orglab. our most accessible project available from Temporall Labs.

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder, said:

This is how you deliver organisational intelligence – with pace, precision and working to overcome partial insight. Orglab. gives leaders the opportunity to utilise our world-class platform Workbench alongside the Temporall Labs team, in a 6-week programme designed to bring leaders clarity.
Orglab. is a 6-week organisational science and innovation lab available now for organisations or departments, and is limited with up to to 500 people.

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