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by | Sep 17, 2020 | Company, Industry, Partner, Product, Tech

In the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) 2020/21 Business Plan, the regulator states the need “to assess and address the drivers of culture.” Some of the key ways the FCA states that culture will be assessed include studying firms’ leadership, purpose, governance and overall approach to managing and rewarding their employees. The FCA will also monitor the effectiveness of culture drivers at reducing potential risk.

Temporall Premium Partners, TCC have announced the launch of Hemisphere – a cutting-edge culture assessment programme designed to help financial services businesses decode their culture and meet the FCA expectations.

Hemisphere is hosted on our organisational intelligence platform Workbench. Workbench will use systems and people intelligence, connecting to world-leading enterprise systems and utilising A.I. techniques, to bring firms unparalleled insight into their organisational culture. Combined with its regulatory experience and culture expertise, TCC will help their clients build and maintain healthy cultures that put customers first, achieve compliance and drive commercial outcomes.

Warren Vickers, TCC Commercial Director, said:

We’ve always believed that strong compliance and, ultimately, commercial success starts with company culture – it’s the backbone of everything in an organisation. That’s why we’re pleased to see the FCA ramping up the focus on culture in its supervisory activity. In response we created Hemisphere, enabling forward-thinking businesses to pass that test with flying colours.
Hemisphere is designed to ensure that leaders can gain clarity on each of the key areas of the FCA assessment: leadership, purpose, governance and approach, while understanding what needs to change and how to do it. It is an essential tool for any financial services organisation. Interested in using Hemisphere to bring clarity to your organisational culture? Contact TCC or visit the TCC website.

Workbench offers Partners the opportunity to enhance their service propositions by bringing greater clarity to clients, utilising our expert-designed organisational development tools and accessing real-time data-driven insights from world leading integrations – all while operating remotely from a single, unified platform.
The category-defining technology, when combined with a Partner’s expertise, brings the ability to unearth information that was previously inaccessible and maximise offerings.

Contact the Temporall Partner team for more information.

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