Why do Business Partners choose Workbench?

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Company, Industry, Partner, Product, Tech

Workbench is Temporall’s organisational intelligence platform. It is a fully Cloud-based enterprise technology platform that can be used by Business Partners to deliver enhanced service propositions and better-informed consultancy. Using A.I. techniques, people and systems intelligence, Workbench surfaces critical insights into a company’s inner-workings in real-time. The category-defining technology, when combined with a Partner’s expertise, brings clarity to their clients’ performance and allows Partners to make high-value, intelligence-led recommendations.

Decision making for most leaders is hindered by partial insight. Important information regarding the way that an organisation works is fragmented, stuck in silos and lost in enterprise systems with a wealth of data being wasted. Strategies created using this incomplete picture of organisational performance – whether that’s strategic planning, productivity, culture, resilience, agility or digital transformation – are less effective and lead to higher levels of risk.

Temporall Partners are in a unique position that allows them to use Workbench to bring clarity to leaders, disrupt the status quo and build a new ecosystem of consulting. Workbench has been designed to support the needs of Partners throughout the whole client lifecycle, providing them with unrivalled clarity and the ability to unearth information that was previously inaccessible.

Mark Hastings, i10 Founder and Director states the value of better-informed decision-making:


Having the data from people and enterprise systems to understand what’s really going on in an organisation is of critical value to leaders. Such informed decision-making can be the difference between surviving and thriving. We exist to help organisations be the best they can be and, put simply, organisations with that clarity will perform better than others.

Partners can benefit from using Workbench to generate sales, on-board and manage their clients from a single unified platform. Our B2B2B model supports the need for Partners to manage the end-to-end experience.

Workbench has a powerful approach that supports our Partners’ monetisation strategy by allowing for both project-led delivery and by offering managed services. From higher conversion rates to enabling services as annual recurring revenue streams, Workbench helps our Business Partners increase their customer lifetime value.

Tayyab Jamil, Firewood Partner highlights the unique opportunity a Business Partnership offers:

This partnership gives Firewood a truly unique ability to harness behavioural data and provide deeper insights into organisational capability, team dynamics and individual competence to increase delivery performance.
3. Expert-designed organisational development tools

Temporall’s Labs team employ years of business and academic experience to design, test and continually refine tools for analysis that bring clarity to leadership teams across the world. Fuelled by the desire to answer why some organisations perform better than others, these tools measure key factors that contribute to performance. By identifying and tracking areas of strength and those that need improvement, our Business Partners can help clients build organisations able outperform competition and withstand future change.

Business Partners run projects using Temporall-designed IP, such as the Organisational Index or the Organisational Resilience Index on Workbench to understand their clients in more depth. Labs continually iterate our indexes to adapt to evolving climates and reflect the most up-to-date research.

Mark Hastings, i10 Founder and Director states the value of better-informed decision-making:

In today’s VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), the need for clarity has never been so important. Temporall’s Workbench platform, developed by ex-Googlers and Behavioural Scientists in conjunction with London Business School is truly game-changing

Workbench delivers real-time organisational intelligence to help Partners and leaders make better decisions, faster.

Using the platform, Partners can transform existing analogue and offline tools into contemporary ‘always on’ digital propositions. We enable this by connecting Workbench with many of the world’s most popular and widely used workforce-enhancing tools, such as Slack, Teams, Asana, Google Cloud and Workplace by Facebook.

These integrations help Partners see a full picture of their client’s organisation. Workbench unifies the fragmented data from across a client’s teams and enterprise systems, which in-turn brings them greater clarity on an organisation’s performance – or what we call systems intelligence. Workbench helps Partners utilise their clients’ greatest untapped resource: data.

Kerry Jarred, Ignium Founder and Managing Director says:

“We gather data from multiple sources and analyse the results to give leaders a full picture of the mindset, behaviours and actions that will improve their organisational resilience so that they can refocus their strategy and prioritise the right kind of development support for their people to re-imagine and re-build the future.”

Business Partners can monitor the factors that impact their clients’ performance with Workbench. It gives our Partner’s access to otherwise siloed information so they can truly understand where their clients are, what they need to do next and in what order – all as a remote service.

This ability to assess organisations remotely will become increasingly important as distributed work continues to dominate the markets. Workbench is ideally suited to meet the needs of consulting companies and clients by providing the infrastructure and richness of data to help deliver more precise and high impact results, while giving back time and helping you adapt to the future of work.

Workbench offers Business Partners the opportunity to enhance their service propositions by bringing greater clarity to clients, utilising our expert-designed organisational development tools and accessing real-time data-driven insights from world leading integrations – all while operating remotely from a single, unified platform.
The category-defining technology, when combined with a Partner’s expertise, brings the ability to unearth information that was previously inaccessible and maximise offerings.

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