Temporall hosts its first Partner Boot Camp

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Company, Industry

Last week, Temporall hosted our first Partner Boot Camp. Run over two days (July 8 – 9), the sessions were designed to train current Partners – both Premium and Business – on sales enablement, marketing, analysis and administration. With over 30 people in attendance across both of the sessions, the organisational intelligence ecosystem was brought to life.

Day 1 centred around Workbench Sales Enablement Training. After a welcome note and Workbench platform demonstration from Temporall CEO Thomas Davies, a number of team representatives took to the screen under the facilitation of Temporall Director Elen Davies.

Ben Righton, Rune Bentien, Rebecca Payton and Sanjay Patel all lead sessions in their respective areas of expertise, including messaging, marketing, sales methodology, integrations, pricing and contracts. One of the highlights from the day was courtesy of James Canning, MMT Digital Co-founder who took his fellow Premium Partners as well as Business Partners through MMT Digital’s experience of using Workbench.

An attendee stated:

“It [bootcamp] has helped me to gain a clear understanding of the Workbench capabilities and I’m now itching to get our own Indexes up and running. The opportunity to network with other Partners was also invaluable.”

Day 2 – Insights Training day. This session was designed to showcase how Partners can use Workbench for analytics and generating key insights.

There were a series of in-depth discussions and demonstrations about the capabilities of Temporall’s organisational intelligence platform, led by our insights team Elen Davies, Laurie Parma and Melissa Nassimiha.

Another participant said:

“I wish I had this tool back when I was an Agile Transformation Manager.”

Thomas Davies looks back on the event:

“We are humbled and proud that our Partners have committed to join the Temporall Boot Camp. It was exciting to see the organisational intelligence ecosystem in action and I pass on my sincere thank you to everyone who attended. As a team, we’re now working on developing the Boot Camp to enhance the Temporall Partner experience even further.”

The Boot Camp will become an essential part of our Partner onboarding process for incoming and existing Partners.

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