Introducing Digiworkz and Temporall Premium Partnership

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Company, Industry

Introducing Digiworkz and Temporall Premium Partnership

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Company, Industry

Temporall announces Premium Partnership with Digiworkz and two co-created indexes.

As we move through the Covid-19 pandemic into what has rapidly become known as the ‘new normal’, leaders are starting to ask themselves “How prepared were my team for the crisis?”, “What can I do better in the future?” and “Why do some organisations perform better than others?”

The reality is that almost all of us were unprepared for the crisis to hit in both our personal and professional lives, and whilst there was no way to stop it, there were – and still are – ways to build resilience and adapt for the future of work. But this is not an easy feat; actions must be intelligence and data-led, giving clarity to leaders so they can make better and continuous decisions for their organisational performance and ultimately get work done.

Digiworkz is a leading future of work consultancy working to prepare organisations for the new world of work. ​They help leaders ready themselves for a future where the skills, shape, structure and supply of workforces will be profoundly different and our co-created indexes, the Future of Work Index and the Workforce Resilience Index, will bring clarity to this evolution.

Introducing the Digiworkz Future of Work Index (FOWI)

Hosted on Temporall’s workplace insights platform Workbench, the FOWI is designed to bring leaders clarity on how prepared their organisation is for the future. Our Workbench engine ingests data from a companies’ enterprise systems and employees using a variety of methods. Using the FOWI as it’s underlying framework Workbench then applies AI techniques and Data Analytics to extract insights.

This advanced organisational intelligence allows Digiworkz to make expert recommendations to their clients, giving leaders clarity on where they are now and how well their organisation is prepared for the future. As such, the insights provided by the FOWI ensure that Digiworkz clients have the full situational awareness of how work gets done, highlighting strengths and pinpointing areas of improvement across their organisation.

The FOWI is divided into two macro attributes: Human and Technology. These are further divided into the micro attributes below, which each have a dedicated set of questions designed to give in-depth understanding on an organisation’s readiness for the future.


  • Growth
  • Experience
  • Energy


  • Automation
  • Analytics
Introducing the Digiworkz Workforce Resilience Index (WRI)
The WRI is designed to assess the preparedness – measured by capability and effectiveness – of current business models and workforce strategies to navigate a disruptive environment.

The organisational intelligence gained through the WRI gives leaders clarity on how well their organisation is able to sense, respond and adapt to change. As such, leaders have the ability to improve their responsive mechanisms, implementation and monitoring tools to build resilience for future disturbance – seeing through the crisis.

Guided by the expertise of Digiworkz consultants and the latest academic research, we have identified the core qualities of workforces most resilient to change. As a result, the WRI is divided into a set of 3 macro attributes – pillars of workforce resilience – made up of sets of micro attributes:


  • Risk drivers
  • Business outcomes
  • Workforce resilience


  • Threat tolerance
  • Scenario testing
  • Action awareness


  • Plan resourcing
  • Operations adoption
  • Monitoring controls

Digiworkz CEO and Founder, Laurence Collins comments:

“The vision both of us share for the delivery of smarter analytics-led business transformations makes this a perfect partnership. With the combined power of Temporall Workbench and Digiworkz, we are delivering the next generation of work and workforce strategies.”

Temporall CEO and Founder, Thomas Davies adds:

“Having clarity on the future of work has never felt so important. Leaders must understand how work gets done in their organisation and where to focus their efforts as they rebuild for a market that may look entirely different as the international lockdown lifts. The Future of Work Index and the Workforce Resilience Index will give organisations that insight necessary to deliver forward-thinking strategies and we are delighted to be working with Digiworkz.”

To learn more about the indexes contact Digiworkz or Temporall.

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